Rottweilers from Nepal Art Dog
Why I love Nepal - dogs on gates!

Chow-Chow and Peka-Chows!

The dramatic Chow is a classic choice for a traditional Beware of Dog signboard.  

Rico the Chow, as painted by Sabala.

And Rico the Chow, this time by Sagar.

Miles, a prize-winning black Chow, here painted by Megh Raj.   Miles guards his turf in the mountains of Malibu.

This time Miles the Chow as painted by Sabala.

Nara weighs in with his portrait of Miles the Black Chow.

Fannie, a Pekingese and Chow mix (Peka-Chow), is painted by Nabin.   Fannie is a small dog but she has the black tongue and lips of a traditional Chow.


Fannie again, this time by Shree of Pokhara.   

Fig is an Enlightened Chow mix.  He and a cat friend had portraits ordered at the same time, but the cat was a Danger Cat.   When asked about this, Fig's owner explained that since Fig was part Chow, it was better not to scare people away.   And the cat, Jack Henry, was a Danger in any case!

All of these portraits of Chows and Chow mixes are currently available at prices ranging from $140-$200.   

If you'd like to have your own pet immortalized on metal by an endangered Nepali signboard artist, please contact me at  There is no risk to you, as I only accept payment after you choose which of the 3 signboard artists portrait of your pet you would like.    The cost for your choice of 3 Nepali folk art paintings of your pet is $250.    You can buy all 3 for $500.   This is a Fair Trade Art project and the artists get paid regardless of your choice.

Over 1400 pieces have been commissioned to date and it is beginning to make a difference in these artists' lives.   I have worked with 58 artists so far.  

By the way, I love comments and questions, so feel free to ask anything.   Please check out my website at

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