Spaniels from Nepal Art Dogs - Which would you choose?
Tibetan Danger Dogs!

Danger Dogs as Odalisques.


I was inspired at the Renoir exhibit at LACMA the other day by the number of lovely nudes languishing on couches.   These are not Renoirs, but they are odalisques!   Here we have Fern, the Jack Russell Terrier, as she lounges on a red couch.

If you look closely in the background of this portrait of Layla, a white shepherd, you will see some images of ladies.   I'm not sure why Sagar chose to paint Layla with her background of lightly clad women, but there it is.   This one reminds me of a James Bond opening credit sequence.   

Shree of Pokhara paints FloJo the Italian Greyhound on her multi-colored couch.  

Star the Italian Greyhound lounges on his turquoise lawn chair.  By Sabala.

Millie Vartan, a Chocolate Lab, is painted by Amar Shrestha.   Millie looks so calm and tranquil on her blanket.

Annie and Pitzel make a pair of Odalisques in this portrait by Sabala.   They are a Pomeranian and a Papillion who know how to lay back and enjoy their life.    2008_293
Jean-Claude the Cat sleeps on his couch.   As painted by Amar Shrestha.   I often give sleeping pets to Amar to paint.   He seems to capture their total relaxation.  

Nepal Art Dogs is a Fair Trade Art project that is dedicated to preserving and promoting Nepali signboard art. 

You can help!

Micro-finance through art patronage!


Each commissioned piece receives a choice of 3 portraits of their pet, by 3 different artists.   That way -- one is sure to please, 3 artists get work, and the extras are sold in museums as Folk Art.    Satisfaction is guaranteed.   I don’t accept money until after the customer chooses a portrait.   No bad karma here!    The art is synthetic enamel on recycled metal, about a square foot in size.   The price for your choice of 3 portraits by these artists is $250 for a single pet.

Please contact me at for more information,  and check out the Nepal Dog website at

If you would like me to feature a particular breed, please write and let me know.



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