Nepal Art Dogs in the Snow!
See the Dogs in Person!

It's raining Cats and Dogs!

Today, the Cat of the Day is Vincent, a neighborhood Abyssinian Cat.

Vincent shares his home with Ernesto, a Siamese.

Ziggy Stardust as a Danger Cat by Sabala.  

 Black Cat
Zia by Chandra Chaudhury in a green mood.

Queenie by Shantos.  

Zia again, this time by Shree of Pokhara.

Lucy, a Calico Cat, by Sabala.   It is true that she is an aggressively affectionate cat!

Chocolate Chip is a hunting cat.   By Nara.

Looks like Cruiser the Cat is ready for the full moon.   By Ram Krishna Chaudhury.


Cruiser, this time by Karma.   Nice and primitive, this one.

Can't get enough of Zia.   By Sufraj.

If you'd like to see more of the Cats of Nepal, here's a link to my YouTube Channel, and a nice slide show of available cats.   It is set to Nepali folk music, an extra treat.   If you like what you see, please take a moment to share on Facebook or Twitter.   I'd love for you to rate it, as well.  

All of these cats featured today are available, hand painted on recycled metal and about one foot square.   They are painted as part of a Fair Trade art project that helps endangered Nepali signboard artists throughout Nepal.

If you'd like to be part of this project, please send me a photo of you pet and you will get a choice of 3 paintings by 3 different artists.    The purpose of this project is to keep the art of signboards alive in Nepal where digital imagery has replaced most of the hand-painted works.  


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Really its a danger looking Cat...

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