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Rottweilers from Nepal Art Dog

Rottweilers make classic beware of dog signs.

Moose is a classic example of a Danger Dog.   This was painted by Nara of Asha Arts.

Again we have Moose the Rottweiler in a different pose by the same artist:   Nara of Kathmandu.

Govinda painted Moose and uses reflective lettering cut from tape.   The eyes in this one are intense and certainly frightening.

Moose, as a puppy.   Moose's owner was lucky enough to be my very first Rottweiler order, and she had a lot of choices.   This one is by Sufraj Khadka of Kathmandu.

Ram Krishna Chaudhury painted this alternate version of young Moose.

Moose the Rottweiler in profile.   With the classic Beware of Dog phrase, this one is by Sufraj Khadka.

All of the above portraits of Rottweilers are available at this time.   These signboards are approximately one square foot, painted using synthetic enamel on recycled metal.   They are great to hang outdoors, and can be framed as well.   The signs I have placed outside my home certainly work to scare off solicitors and assorted miscreants!

The Nepal Art Dog project is Fair Trade and aims to promote Nepali signboard art, which is rapidly being replaced with mass-produced digital art throughout Nepal.   I have commissioned over 1400 pieces to date with 56 artists studios, making a significant difference in their lives.  

You can commission your own pet's portrait on metal with this project and you will get a choice of at least 3 different signboards from 3 different Nepali signboard artists.   Satisfaction is guaranteed as you pay nothing unless you like one of the paintings.   I travel to Nepal twice a year, usually returning in July and December with the finished artwork. 

Please contact me with any questions or comments at or simply go to to see more of what is available.


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