It's raining Cats and Dogs!
Why I love Nepal - Dog Signs on Gates!

See the Dogs in Person!

The Santa Monica Museum of Art has a new stock of Nepal Art Dogs.

 Cooper Black Lab Dilip
Cooper, a gorgeous Black Labrador by Dilip Niroj is now available at the Museum.   You can't help but 'be aware' of this gorgeous pooch.

Sport, a terrier mix recently rescued into a great home, as painted by Sabala.   Sport is definitely a Good Boy.

Polly is an Enlightened Dog, by Sabala.   The Nepali lettering translates as 'Dharma Dog'.  

Gus the White Labrador Retreiver as a puppy by Megh Raj.   With his football. 


Gus all grown up and now 'Enlightened', still looking for that soccer ball!   By Sabala.

Sierra the Enlightened Pitt Bull!   By Sabala.

Sophie and Stargel by Amar Shrestha.   I don't know what breed Stargel is, but her stare is compelling.   She looks almost human in this portrait.   Amar also captured the friendship between the two dogs and had fun with their collar/jewelry.

Grover is a Bearded Collie, painted here by Nara.  

It's not all Danger Dogs at the Santa Monica Museum of Art, there are also a couple of Cats available.   Here we have Chocolate Chip hiding in the shrubbery as painted by Nara.

Not a hunter but a lover, Lucy the Calico Kitty is aggressively affectionate.  By Sabala.  

A couple of Enlightened Parrots by Sagar.   Note Sagar's signature in Japanese between the two perches.   Sagar means 'Ocean' in Nepalese, and Sagar's Japanese signature reflects that.

And a portrait of my very own chicken, the larger-than-life Grace Kelly (her nickname is Ginger), a Buff Orpington.    The leader of the pecking order, painted by Sabala from a photo by Peter Weibel.  

Arrow the Black Lab sports a rhinestone collar.   An Enlightened Dog as painted by Raaz, a new artist I found in 2009.

Jack the Black Lab with a favorite toy.   Jack has that playful look that Labs get when they get going.   By Megh Raj.

I'm not sure what type of dog Shelby is, but he is beautiful.   By Raaz.

Popo is a 'Denger Gog' by Dilip Niroj.   It's a funny thing, Dilip can often spell Enlightened with no trouble, but he has trouble with dog.   I don't mind.   You should see how I mangle Nepali.

These portraits are painted on recycled metal in Nepal by endangered signboard artists, whose traditional hand-painted artwork is being replaced by computer-generated and/or mass-produced signage.

The price through the museum is $198 each, and you will be supporting a fine museum as well as the struggling Nepali artists.

You can help this Fair Trade art project by buying an existing sign, or ordering a custom commission of your own pet.  Each commission generates 3 paintings, giving 3 different Nepali artists much needed work -- giving you a wide choice of portraits of your pet and museums such as the Santa Monica Museum of Art gift shop folk art.

You pay only after my return from Nepal and you have made your choice.  If you don't like the works, you are not obligated to pay.   No bad Karma here!

Micro-finance through Art Patronage.

If you have any questions or would like to see what I have in your breed, please email me at You can also check out my website at


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