Taking the Reins with Nepal Horse Art

See the Dogs in Person!

I have a new venue for those of you lucky enough to be enjoying this mild February weather in beautiful Southern California.  

 Eco-Logical Art

The Eco-logicalART Gallery is a non-profit dedicated to being creative and environmentally responsible at the same time.   By recycling vinyl billboards he saves tons of the material from being tossed into landfills each month, and at the same time, he gives both materials and venues to exhibit them to various artists.

 Vintage signboard
It was interesting to me to see which of my Nepal Art Dogs Peter Schulberg, the gallery's founder, would like.   This signboard I first found in 2007 hanging on the wall of Shree Lamichhane's shop near Mahendrapul in Pokhara.   It is rare to be able to find examples of a signboard artist's work and even rarer to find these 'Beware of Dog' signboards hanging in a shop.   I immediately bought it and was especially pleased to see that this was an example of Shree's particular style.   He paints his dogs on Elysian fields.   Notice the toenails.

Another vintage signboard, I found this at a shop and immediately snapped it up for my collection.   An example of an older, used sign, this painting with its subtle butternut background and pink and green tones on the dog's face is a stunner.

The always mysterious Zia by Sabala is also available at the gallery.

A Bishon Frisee as odalisque by Sagar.  

One of the attractions to these pieces is that they are painted on recycled metal, and in some cases are two-sided.   Each piece is approximately one foot square and is suitable for framing or for hanging outdoors or in.  

These Nepali artists are an endangered breed.   Their hand-painted work is disappearing at an alarming rate and being replaced by pre-printed art.

For more information on this wonderful gallery and the good works that they promote, please go to their website at   

Eco-Logical Art LA is located at 4829 W. Pico, LA, CA 90019, just 2 blocks east of La Brea.   Come by and see his amazing recycled art.

As always,  please contact me at with any questions or comments.  Go to for more examples of Nepali signboard art and to commission your very own pet on metal from Nepal.


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