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The Wag Awards benefit Four Legged Friends Foundation!

Last night I attended the 1st Annual Dogswell Wag Awards honoring top dogs who make a difference (therapy dogs, inspirational dogs, talented dogs) at the fabulous Hollywood hot spot Les Deux.  

The Danger Dogs were there to donate a lovely signboard of Hank as painted by Sabala.  100% of the proceeds from the Silent Auction will go to the Four Legged Friends Foundation (Flff) which funds medical care for ailing dogs from low income homes.   Of course, there was a small bidding war, but I think the best man won.  


Sandra Lollino and her Chihuahua Sassy were on the green carpet.   Sandra is the founder of the Flff Organization.   She was able to help 10 low income pet owners last year alone.   Let's hope that this event and the generosity of pet lovers will improve that record in 2010!

Les Deux was decorated lavishly with gift bags, roses, red curtains...

One of my favorite touches was the coral rose petals in the courtyard's fountain.   


Sparky, a Black Labrador/Chow Mix, gets the award for most patient dog of the night.   He wore that sparkly top hat all night long.   He knew his mom wanted him to be dressed in cocktail attire -- now, that's devotion.  
Sparky is a therapy dog.  

Dogswell spared no expense in making things beautiful and fun.

As the honored Dogs started to arrive, they had the option of spending time in the VIP Doggie Lounge.

Chrome Bones, who makes elegant, stylish accessories for your pets, furnished the VIP Doggie Lounge.   They have a store in Beverly Hills.


The affable Debra Skelton of MADtv handed out an award for bravery to Joseph St. Georges of the LAFD for his derring do in the recent helicopter rescue of Spiky the dog from the Los Angeles River.   Spiky the Dog that was saved by Fireman St. Georges also was at the Wag Awards!  



Les Deux is a hidden gem on Las Palmas in Hollywood.   Tucked away in an old bungalow, it has many hidden surprises.   I wandered out into a back patio and found a pair of concrete deer livening up the back walls.  

Hors d'oeurves  included tuna tartare on a deliciously salty potato chip, tiny endive stuffed with dates, walnuts and goat's cheese, macaroni and cheese with crabmeat, miniature burgers -- all served with a smile by beautiful servers in red corsets and fishnet stockings.  

DJ Chris Carter   played beautiful music that made me want to dance.  

To hear more about Dogswell and the Wag Awards, click here.   To help Sandra and her Four Legged Friends Foundation, go to her site.   You can find out more about Les Deux and Chromebones here.

All in all the Danger Dogs made some new friends and was able to help the non-profit Flff get needed funds.   It was a fun evening for me.   I got to dress up in a 60's dinner suit and a silly hat.   Can't argue with that.

If you'd like to hear more about my Fair Trade Art project that helps endangered Nepali signboard artists continue to hand paint art in a digital world, please contact me at ampage1@gmail.com.   Browse through some old post on this blog, and go to the Nepal Dog Youtube channel to see what's currently available.


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