Danger Dogs as Odalisques.
Why I love Nepal - signboard art from Pokhara!

Tibetan Danger Dogs!

In honor of the Tibetan New Year of Lhosar, today I feature Tibetan Danger Dogs.   Losar, as it is sometimes spelled, is celebrated for 15 days in Tibet.   Lots of gambling, eating, partying and not much else gets done, especially in the first 3 days.


Kali is a Tibetan Mastiff, here painted by Santosh.   Kali is the goddess associated with eternal energy.   Available.

Kali's portrait by Sufraj Khadka seems to be pulsing with that same eternal energy. Available.

Gubby, as depicted here by Nara of Asha Arts, is not a Tibetan dog per se (I believe him to be a pitt bull) but Nara saw him as a Tibetan Danger Dog!   Of course, he was supposed to do the lettering in Tibetan script instead of Nepali, but I was charmed with this one.   This portrait of Gubby was sold at the Venice Art Walk last year benefiting the Venice Free Clinic.   

I'm proud to announce that the Nepal Art Project will be donating to the silent auction again this year to benefit the Venice Free Clinic.    The auction and Art Walk will take place on May 22 and 23, 2010.

The Nepal Art Dog project is dedicated to helping endangered signboard artists in Nepal by commissioning Fair Trade Art portraits of pets.  

Micro-finance through art patronage.   Give a rod not a fish.  

Contact me at [email protected] for more information or to answer any questions.   My website is NepalDog.com and you can see available works on the Nepal Dog Channel of YouTube.  


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