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Which would you choose?

The Nepal Art Dog project always give each commission a choice of three works.   That way, 3 artists get work, the person doing the commission gets 3 choices of art, and museum shops get folk art.

 NtArt puppyon lap
This sweet little puppy, Gigi, by NK Arts in the town of Beni, Nepal, exudes the nice youthful side of this dog.  Graphic, concise and beautiful, this portrait of Gigi is still available.   NK gave Gigi a doe-like quality.

Here is a portrait of Gigi, from the same photo, by Sagar, where the pup has a decidedly more sinister gleam in her eye.   Sagar sometimes gives what I call a 'thuggish' look to his portraits.   And that could be just what you want in a 'Beware of Dog' sign!   This painting of Gigi's darker side is also still available.

I find it interesting that Amar Shrestha decided to paint Gigi (an obviously energetic pup being restrained between the knees of a comely long-haired lass) in a similar manner as Sagar but without the cynicism of Sagar.   

These are completely different versions from this same photo.   I find that my customers more often than not choose on which portrait most looks like their dog.   Can't blame them, but for me the most fascinating part of this project is seeing just this sort of artistic license. 

The proof is in the pudding.   I try to not give any indication as to what the client wants.   I tell my artists:   "You are the artist.   You decide."  

It works for me.

Which would you have chosen?

If you would like to see what 3 artists would do with your pet, please send me a photo.   I will give it to at least 3 endangered Nepali signboard artists.   There is no risk to you, as I do not accept money up front, only after you have decided which of the 3 portraits most captures your pet.   If you don't like any of them, you do not pay.   The artists are paid in any case, and you will have helped to support a dying art in Nepal.   The price for a choice of 3 is $250.  You can buy 1, 2 or 3 of the paintings.  

Each painting is on recycled metal, about one square foot, and is painted with synthetic enamel.   It can be hung indoors or out.

My next trip to Nepal is tentatively scheduled for June/July 2010, returning early August.

For more information, please contact me at   I also recommend checking out the Nepal Art Dog website at, or looking at what's currently available at the Nepal Dog Channel on YouTube.   The YouTube channel also gives a glimpse of my inspiration for this project and a chance to hear some first class Nepali folk music.


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