Chow-Chow and Peka-Chows!
Ferret Art from Nepal

Why I love Nepal - dogs on gates!


This dog on a gate in Kathmandu would certainly keep me out!

This reuse of a classic stenciled "Beware of Dog" signboard (taken from the Everest Kennel Club's common sign) made me laugh!

In this case, they used the stenciled sign as a template and made their own "Be Ware of Dog" signboard.

Same dog, different artist! 

A hound of a different color over the traditional Everest Kennel Club signboard.

These signboards are fast disappearing, all replaced by the ubiquitous Everest Kennel Club sign!

You can help stem this tide!   Most of the traditional work of Nepali signboard artists are being replaced by digital or mass-produced signage throughout Nepal.  

By ordering a commissioned portrait of your pet (dog, cat, bird, reptile, tortoise, etc) you give 3 Nepali signboard artists work.   You get a choice of 3 cool portraits hand-painted on metal and 3 artists get work.  

Micro-finance through art patronage!

Contact me at or find out more on my website at   Help save a dying art and have a piece of history.   These pieces have been collected by curators, art gallery owners, museum-goers and ordinary people with pets who collect art and want to make a difference in these artists' lives.


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