Bikes, Wine Tasting and the Vinyard Dogs!
It was the best of tastings, it was the worst of tastings!

4 Wineries and a delicious lunch.

Our first full day of cycling through the wineries was a huge success.   As you can imagine from these photos, late summer in the mountains of Stellenbosch are hot and sunny.


When we finally arrive into the cool and fragrant halls of the vats, we quickly guzzle some cool water and get down to the business of tasting red wines. 

The Vrieshof Winery is up a long, long and sunny hill, but when we arrived into the oak shaded courtyard to be feted with their flagship Pinot Noir, all is forgiven.

The view is always nice.

Diesel the 'BoerBull' licks his lips as he contemplates eating those dreadful bicyclists.  We were escorted past his turf as he does not like bikes.


Next stop was riding through vineyards to the lovely Waterford grounds.   I wish that I could send you the marvelous fragrances that we smelt as we rode to the tasting terrace.   First the smell of fresh mown grass, then citrus groves and finally the best smelling lavender ever.   You can see the lovely arches.   A large table of American tourist just cleared that back table.   They too were biking, but with a host and a van as back up.   Just another of the great options available. 

The Waterford Winery is not allowed to print their logo on any glasses in an agreement with the Irish Waterford crystal firm.

One of the few estates that we did not see dogs, instead there were swans.

My favorite time of the day is always lunch.  This is a flammekuchen, topped with creme fraiche, gorgonzola cheese, roasted butternut squash, fresh rocket and drizzled with balsamic vinegar.   It was as good as it looked.   This is at the Dornier winery.   The wines were good across the board, but I think whites would have suited this meal better.   I am in love with this country all over again.

This is a view of the restaurant terrace.   Did I mention that the tasting was free with lunch?

We did go to Stellenzicht winery on the way home, but were too late to do anything but taste their Shiraz.  No time for photos.

More tomorrow.


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wonderful photos again . i loved your commentary . The butternut squash dish looked yummy ..i will have to buy some squash myself today
The bulldog licking his lips was funny.
Enjoyed your photo of Daniel & the Waterford grounds
Looking fwd to the next blog
Continue having a delightful time


Oh, Michelle and Daniel, what wonderful photos! Please keep writing -- I'm with you vicariously! Barbara


What fun you two must be having! The photos are great...following in your footsteps one day perhaps.
Susan H.

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