4 Wineries and a delicious lunch.

Bikes, Wine Tasting and the Vinyard Dogs!

We got a late start yesterday on biking through to the many wineries in this area.  

First stop was the Lanzerac Winery.   The first to bottle South Africa's famous Pinotage grape in 1961, the winery is accessed down a long driveway lined with vines with views of the mountains behind.   Started in the 17th Century, this vinyard is well worth visiting.   We tasted 5 red wines, all were delicious.   I preferred the 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon and Daniel chose the Pinotage as his favorite.

This charming pair of Chow Chows greeted with their black tongues and wagging tails at Lanzerac.

At the next winery on our route - Le Riche Winery - we met Fila, a blue tick hound from Canada.   Soft and friendly, she was well behaved and well loved.  

Marcelle, the proprietress of this spectacular estate treated us to a delicious trio of wines.   First a Chardonnay with citrus notes, next two fabulous reds - a blend and then a wonderful Cabernet Sauvignon.   Luckily we are only getting small samples of these beauties and thus can drive home on our bikes always remembering to keep to our left.  

Fila says goodbye as we head off to the next destination.

Alas, we arrived too late to try the wines at the Neil Ellis Winery.   But not too late to enjoy the view.

Finally, today on the way to this internet cafe, we met Quincy the English Bulldog.   Only 11 months old, Quincy is as friendly as can be even though I had a big hat on and was on my bike.


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