It was the best of tastings, it was the worst of tastings!
South Africa's 'Little Five'

Gallery Hopping in Stellenbosch

Saturday nights are no different in this part of the world.   People come from near and far to look at art.

Guests came from as far as Capetown and Johannesburg to attend the opening of Wayne Barker's exhibit 'Super Boring' at the SMAC Art Gallery -- part of the Joberg Art Fair taking place from 25-28 March 2010.   This exhibit at SMAC is open through 23 May 2010.


Above Barker combines images of Steven Biko with African trees and an assemblage of objects.   Neon is often included in Barker's pieces.   The exhibit included work from 1989 to present, and was spread out through several rooms in the huge gallery space.

The art was anything but super boring.   SMAC stands for Stellenbosch Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery.  

These 'paintings' are created 100% with glass beading.

This piece was striking in person, sorry again for the poor quality of these photos.   

The crowd thoroughly enjoyed both the art and the venue.  Ivor Powell gave the opening address.

There were snacks and wine served, including small samosas, prosciutto and melon balls, salmon and cucumbers -- many delicious treats from the kitchen of the adjacent Wijnhuis Restaurant.  

The fun didn't stop at the Gallery, though, as down in the courtyard, live music and dancing topped off the night at the 'Super Boring' after party.  


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wow fantastic & should be a tour guide for all the fabulous things to see in Kaapstad.You are topping my trip . I wish there was a close up of the glass bead "painting" I do bead work too & love that !
Today i got the great news that i will part of the Ten Women gallery on Abbot Kinney . I am so excited.I move my work in May 1st !!!Had to go to 2 interviews.
sending you love & looking fwd to your next blog !
Love from , Linda


Hi, I stumbled across this blog post while doing research for my mini-thesis on Barker's Super Boring exhibition. I was wondering if you would be willing to maybe answer a few questions to help me in my research? Thanks!

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