4 Wineries and a delicious lunch.
Gallery Hopping in Stellenbosch

It was the best of tastings, it was the worst of tastings!

Friday afternoon, we rode our bikes to a couple of wineries close to Stellenbosch.    From a fairly unpleasant giant corporate tasting to a charming, intimate, tasty and fun experience just a (level) bike ride away.  

Strangely, the large corporate tasting didn't provide the basic print out of prices - the lady hosting the tasting didn't even know which cheeses were featured in the cheese tasting.   As a cheese hound, that was the first deadly sin.   The only good thing to come out of this first tasting of the day was an absolutely delicious and nuanced Sauvignon Blanc.   The rest of the wines tasted were undistinguished.

But enough of that!

The best of tastings!


The wonderful Stellekaya Cellar offered a choice of 6 red wines that kept getting better and better and the first was a stunner.   These well priced and succulent reds ranged from an easy drinking red blend named Boschetto to an award winning Cabernet Sauvignon.   The company and the advice were outstanding as well.    We were lucky enough to meet Dave Lello the proprietor, Ntsiki Biyela the winemaker and a young apprentice student named Lisa - all full of cheer and good advice on the wines, the area, the restaurants, how to identify different grapes.   This is harvest time and we were able to taste Cabernet and Shiraz grapes at their peak of flavor.  

We had a good time from start to finish.   From walking through the fragrant vats on the way to the tasting bar, to the end when we were sent on our way to a delicious meal at the 5 Rynveld Restaurant.  Find out more about these wines and the winery (which is right in the center of Stellenbosch and easily accessible by cycling or on foot) please go to their website at:   www.stellekaya.com

Since the internet cafes have been closed for 2 days, everything is a bit slow today, and I am not able to download photos of all the adventures we have been having - and there have been many!   Lots of photos of food, South African dogs, scenic hiking, and one of the best art openings ever on Saturday night.  

Stay tuned!


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