Earth Hour in Stellenbosch and a move to Muizenberg
Wijnlands Auto Museum

Mosaics from Muizenberg

It funny how beach communities from all over the world seem to be magnets for mosaic artists.   Maybe it is the inspiration from the beach glass and shells that pop up on the beach...

Dog Art and Mosaics -- the perfect combination. 

My eyes were first caught by the little mailbox, but the wrench fence just blew me away.  

An extra nice Beware of the Dog sign guards a monkey.  

A detail of a large mural outside the Olympic Cafe in Kalk Bay.  

The Olympic Bakery has delicious rye breads too.

This is a fabulous art gallery that is devoted to Southern African artists.   The current show features San painters and sculptors.

The San people of Eastern Namibia were formerly nomadic and had a tradition of beadwork art.  

There are some serious metal workers here in town, too. 

This little charmer rests on a wall in Muizenberg.

One of the rare old signboards still here in South Africa.

We took the high road on the way home on our long walk yesterday from Muizenberg along the coast to Kalk Bay.  

And we worry about squirrels!   More tomorrow.   Stay tuned.


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Wonderful photos !!! Next time you go to CT I am coming with you know all the right spots
Fabulous & inspiring pics
Love the mosaics of course
Keep it up
Enjoy .
Love, Linda

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very beautiful shots..

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