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South Africa's 'Little Five'

Much is written about the 'Big 5' in African Game watching.   Here is our new version...

This is Roxy, a young pup we met while bicycling by.   Today is her 6 month birthday, and she is a lucky little dog.

He's not so little as tortoises go, but we pass this guy every morning and evening as we cycle through the Jan Marais Nature Reserve on our way home.   He is over one foot across.

This little grasshopper was resting on an old car at the Wijnlands Auto Museum (future blog upcoming).    100B0850
This big spider makes it hard to tell the time.  

This frog would be happy to eat the spider above, I'm sure.   He was on our steps leading to our B and B one evening.   We have yet to hear his voice, but look forward to it.  

Our favorite of the 'Little 5' has traditionally been the Rock Dassie or Rock Hyrax, a curious little rock dwelling creature that can go over a year without water.   Gregarious and ubiquitous, look for our further adventures in small underlooked African fauna.


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