South African days and Fynbos flowers
Montagu of the Klein Karoo

Beware of Dog signs from the Klein Karoo

Beware of the Dog signs abound in the the area of South Africa known as the Klein (Little) Karoo.

This is the best Beware of Dog signboard I have found yet in South Africa -- hand painted with all the nice details such as dripping blood (or is it drool?) and 3 languages (Africaans, Xhosa and English).

Maybe these dachshunds ate the Killer Maltese?   There was a study in the UK about the most dangerous dogs and dachshunds topped the list.   Pit Bulls came in fifth. 


Another hand made sign in a traditional style.   I am trying to find out which language is featured on the top.   Waarskuwing!   Sounds dangerous.

This handsome boxer is one of a pair that we met in the town of Montague.

I like the double triangulation here.   South Africans have a lot of interesting mailboxes.  More to come on a later blog about that!


Another dramatic sign.

Four languages - one sign!   This house is typical of houses in the Montague area of the Klein Karoo.

I'm not sure what kind of a dog THIS one is.

My favorites are usually ones with real live friendly ones behind them.   Here Dan is sticking his hand in to pet this dog again.

Sometimes South Africa reminds me of Nepal.   Look at those haystacks!

This one looks vicious!

Above is Jakey, a big, muscular handsome Boxer.   He is NOT a danger dog!   Jakey has that special Boxer wiggle down pat.

More tomorrow, as I will be in more upscale towns with better computer services.  


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Waarskuwing means warning in Afrikaans. One of South Africa's many official languages.

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