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South African days and Fynbos flowers

More wine tastings were on the agenda as we traveled from Stellenbosch to a small town named Tulbagh.

The lovely Catherine was our hostess at the Tulbagh Winery -  a winery that buys wines from 70 different farms and blends them into well priced wines.    We enjoyed  the wines thoroughly and left with a nice selection for drinking on our upcoming Klein Karoo adventure.

The Rustenberg Winery started in the 1600's and has fantastic gardens and buildings.  These long-beaked birds are everywhere in the Western Cape and have a loud tweet.

The grounds are grazed by these huge bulls.   This winery does not make cheese, but these are their attractive lawn mowers.   Or maybe attractive lawn moo-ers. 

Again, my photos do not do justice to the scale and marvelous colors of this huge garden, but I will try.

The fall colors of the Japanese anemones, and the many varieties of salvias made a great spectacle.  

The garden is at the end of a long, long drive lined with various shades of purple flowers.   The wines at Rustenberg were delicious as well, with the John X. Merriman red blend my particular favorite and Dan preferred the Peter Barlow Cabernet.  

Here is a stand of the Japanese anemones contrasting an unknown orchid-like flower.

This little charmer we found walking in the Jonkershoek Nature Trail.   The flower is not much bigger than my thumbnail and this bulb is only 2 inches tall (5cm).   It grows in groups in the shade of pine trees.

Above is the lovely Witsenia maura Bokmakieriestert, named after a South African bird.  Flowering is at its peak in November.   We found this on the Circle Road in the Cape Point Nature Reserve.

The next few photos are from the fynbos above Muizenberg in the Cape National Park.  Fynbos is the Cape term for their natural plant habitat.  


This view is looking across False Bay from near the Cape of Good Hope towards Simon's Town.   Another lovely, peaceful South African day.

A haemanthus lily found in the Spes Bones forest high above Kalk Bay.   Also known as a blood lily.

One of the many Ericas (or heaths) that brighten the fynbos.

The view from the top looking over to the other side of False Bay.

A tablecloth of a cloud covered us as we walked, saving us from the hot South African sun as we walked and muting the colors of the heathers and the proteas.

This protea flower is as large as a soccer ball.   Some are as small as a nickel.  

The fog is starting to lift...

 100_1077 we head down, down, down into the coastal sunshine.  

More next week.


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