Montagu of the Klein Karoo
Dyptych Danger Dogs for the 2010 Venice Art Walk

Bot Rivier wineries

Bot Rivier is in the Overberg wine district and is home to many fine wineries.   We were only able to visit two, but both were fun, informative and, above all, had delicious wines.

  South africa_208
Here Sebastian Beaumont with his open fermentation tank of Mourvedre grapes at the Beaumont Winery.   Sebastian has been the winemaker at this old winery for the last 10 years.   His specialty is the Chenin Blanc, which was excellent, but I loved the Mourvedre varietal.   Also known as Monastrell, this wine was deliciously full-bodied.   We were lucky enough to be able to sample from this barrel as Sebastian tamped it down, making the level of the grapes fall about 6 inches in the process.  

  South africa_201
The farm dog Mungo greeted us upon arrival at Beaumont.  

  South africa_203
The Beaumont wine farm and guest house also includes an art gallery.

  South africa_200
For more info on the Beaumont Winery in the Western Cape please go to their website at

  South africa_207
I wish you could smell the heady fragrance of these Mourvedre grapes as Sebastian stirred this lovely pot!   Dan was also very fond of their Goutte d’Or, a Noble Late Harvest wine.   

  South africa_197
Next it was off to the elegant Luddite Winery.   Down a gravel road, we came to this fine winery where we tasted their award-winning 2005 and 2006 Shiraz side by side.   I could not decide which I liked more, but finally leaned toward the 2005.  Those floors are carved out of wine barrels - not merely painted.  They are quite stunning in person.   Visit their website:

  South africa_199 

Like many of the great wine estates, Luddite has a selection of art on the premises.  The artist who created this hanging intends to make it a functioning chandelier.    Imagine all those tiny headlights!
South africa_194 

Tasting these two great wines with Penny, the winemaker's charming wife, we were amused by the antics of their more than friendly Jack Russell terrier.  
Who could resist?

  South africa_198
South African artists often use mosaic techniques on their sculptures.

  South africa_192
Luddite must have had 7 dogs on the property.   Here is a Boer Bull coming and a Jack Russell going!

We are back from our trip to South Africa, but will always remember the great times and wines and art.   The South African people of all stripes were welcoming and I encourage each of you to visit this great and affordable country.

More tomorrow!


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