Why I love Palm Springs...
For Father's Day -- Danger Dogs in ties!

The Great Wall of Nepal Dogs at the Craft and Folk Art Museum!


The Danger Dogs did it again, with a fine wall of dogs to enchant visitors to the Craft and Folk Art Museum courtyard Bazaar.   The cat portions of the wall attracted its share of attention as well.

They even inspired one young artist to draw her own versions of a Danger Dog.

This handsome Chihuahua Pomeranian mix enjoyed his shopping.   I had just finished eating a juicy tangerine and he enthusiastically licked my fingers.

Thanks to everyone who came by and showed their interest in the project and took a card.   I can't wait to see your pets on metal!  

The Danger Dog project is a Fair Trade Art project that supports struggling Nepalese signboard artists in Kathmandu and across Nepal.   You can help by sending me a portrait of your pet.   I will give that photo to 3 Nepali artists giving you a choice of 3 paintings and 3 people work.   

All paintings are approximately 1 foot square, synthetic enamel on metal and can be hung indoors or out.   You can request any lettering including such favorites as 'Enlightened Dog', 'Zen Dog', 'Happy Dog' or the perennial favorite 'Danger Dog'.

There is no risk to you as you pay nothing until you choose one of the 3 artworks.   If you don't like them, you pay nothing.   All 3 artists will be paid in any case.  Satisfaction guaranteed.   No bad karma here.

I am leaving for the 7th Nepal Dog trip soon, so now is the time to order.    Come back to this blog to see my adventures in Dogmandu.

Contact me at ampage1@gmail.com to order or go to NepalDog.com to find out more about this worthwhile micro-finance project.     

To see what is currently available, please go  to NepalDog's YouTube Channel.


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Looks awesome! Congratulations on your museum show.


Thanks, Moira. I wish you could see them en masse some day. I'm off in less than 2 weeks for the 7th Danger Dog trip. Hard to believe. Thanks so much for being an early supporter.

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