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Beware of the dog signs from Nepal

Beware of Dog Signs from Nepal!

Your pet can be immortalized on metal by 3 endangered Nepali artists.


Above is Hank, an enlightened dog.   Hank's lucky owner had his choice of the above three portraits by Sabala, Amar and Govinda (clockwise from top left).   He chose the one by Amar, and 3 artists got work.     BichonFrisee.Triple_704
Maude, a Bichon Frisse, was captured by Amar Shrestha, ShaShi and Sabala (again clockwise from top left).   The portrait with the pink background was chosen.   The artists are all paid regardless if the owner chooses them or not.  

St Ebba is a doberman pinscher from Oregon.   Her paintings are by Dilip Niroj, Hari Prasad and Sabala.   In this case, the owners bought both the painting by Hari P and by Sabala.   The portrait by Dilip is still available.

This cute Pomeranian is by Sagar, Amar and Govinda.   This time, the owner chose Govinda.   

These double cats are by ShaShi, Amar and Sabala.   The owner chose the portrait by Amar.

This is but a small example of what is in store if you order a Danger Dog.   Over 1400 have been made to date, making a real difference in these artists' lives.

All commissions are given to 3 struggling Nepali signboard artists who paint your pet on metal, using synthetic enamel.   These portraits can be hung indoors or out.   Most are approximately 1 foot square.

You choose what you would like your sign to say...  Tell me which style of artist you prefer.   Your satisfaction is guaranteed as you pay nothing until you decide which portrait of your pet you like.   Send me a file of your pet today!  

The art of the signboard is fast disappearing in Nepal.   It is already mostly gone in India.   You can help by ordering your pet on metal.

Contact me at for more information, or go to

You can also buy any of the available dogs I have.   To see what is currently in stock, please go to the NepalDog's YouTube channel.   You should have your pet's portrait by mid-August.   I will be returning to Nepal again in October/November for the Christmas run.   These portraits make the perfect gift for an animal/art lover.


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