For Father's Day -- Danger Dogs in ties!
Beware of Dog Signs from Nepal!

Boston Terriers from Boston!

Since I am in Boston for my nephew's wedding, what else could I do but write about Boston Terriers? 

Diesel is a true Danger Dog from Abbot Kinney, with a toothy smile.   This painting is by Ram Badahur Lama who stood in for Shahi a couple of trips back.  

Diesel by Amar Shrestha.   There is an interesting glow around his whiskers.   Amar's signature is below to the right in red.

You can see the glassy eye effect is my fault.   But the shot does convey Diesel's goofy grin.    I find it cool that the artists often spend time on the harnesses and leashes, and I particularly like the delicate paws in Amar's portrait.   Diesel and his portraits would be at home in Dogmandu.

  Boston Terrier
This lovely portrait of Ike the Boston Terrier was painted by Sagar.   There is no lettering as Sagar did it on spec, hoping that I would show up and buy it!    I encourage that mindset in my artists and happily bought it.  

Like all the Danger Dogs, these are synthetic enamel painted on metal, about 1 foot square and can be hung indoors or out.  

You can commission your own pet -- or it is a perfect gift for any pet lover who collects art and wants to make a difference.   Each commission will be given to 3 struggling Nepali signboard artists.   You get 3 choices, 3 artists get work, museum stores get folk art!    

I am off again to Nepal soon and am actively taking orders.   Satisfaction is guaranteed as I take no money up front.   If you do not like the artists' portraits, you owe nothing.   The Nepali artists are paid in any case.

Contact me at with any questions, or go to to learn more about this fair trade art project.


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