Palm Springs Desert Dogs!
Chow Chows as Danger Dogs

Danger Dogs - Labradors!

In getting ready to show at the Craft and Folk Art Museum next Saturday the 12th of June, I have been going through inventory.    There are some great labradors available. 

This is the lovely Bijoux as painted by Ojna.  This is on a particularly heavy piece of metal and is a good example of a smiling lab.   Krishna Ojna is a professor of Economics when he is not painting Danger Dogs, and he is the brother of another of the Danger Dog artists - Hari Timsina.

This is Hari Timsina's portrait of Millie the Chocolate Lab.   I only found out that Krishna and Hari were brothers at the exhibit of signboard art that I curated in Kathmandu in November 2007.  

Jack Frost the lab has an eerie glow in his Dharma Dog portrait by Hari Prasad.  

To see other available Labrador Retreivers, please go to the NepalDog Channel on YouTube here:  

We are off on the 7th Danger Dog trip to Nepal soon and will be ordering more of these Beware of Dog signs from Kathmandu and Pokhara.  The time to order is now.

These make the perfect gift for dog lovers who collect art and would like to make a difference in someone's lives.

All commissions will receive 3 portraits of their pet by 3 different endangered Nepali signboard artists.   I take no payment up front, and you pay nothing if you do not like any of the portraits.   The artists are all paid fair trade wages in any case.

All signboards are approximately one foot square, painted on recycled metal with synthetic enamel and can be hung indoors or out.

Please contact me at for more information and check out the Nepal Art Dog website at to learn more.


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