The Great Wall of Nepal Dogs at the Craft and Folk Art Museum!
Boston Terriers from Boston!

For Father's Day -- Danger Dogs in ties!

Inspired by a young fan, I will be giving you all an idea for Father's Day!   


Here is the fabulous Jack Nelson with his Father's Day tie by Shahi of Pokhara.   

Again, we have Jack (Russell) Nelson is his spiffy tie by Santosh Shrestha, also from Pokhara.   Santosh's daughter loved this portrait so much that she bawled as I carried it away.   These two are still available and would make a great alternative gift to a traditional Father's Day tie.

Luckily for me, Santosh had forgotten to sign the works, so I got to leave the screaming baby to her mother and she was not there for pick up the next day!  

But as you can see here, these Nepali children love the Danger Dogs!   Here a young lad kisses Louis the White Lab on the rooftop of our Pokhara Hotel, the Green Tara.  

This is the Jack Nelson that sold to his Anglophile mother.   As painted by Amar, Jack makes a great counterpoint to the Union Jack.   Maybe we should call him Union Jack Nelson!

This blog was inspired by Matt and here is the tie to his blog.   Best of luck to you, Matt.    If you are ever in Southern California, get in touch.   I can find you a great tie!   And an early Happy Father's Day to all of you!

The Danger Dog Fair Trade Art project lives on!   I will be returning to Nepal in a couple of weeks for the 7th Danger Dog Art trip.   Now is the time to send in your portrait of your pet.   I will give each photo to 3 struggling signboard artists, giving 3 people work and you 3 choices.   There is no risk as you pay nothing up front.  If you do not like any of the 3, you pay nothing!   What a deal!   (The artists are always paid fair trade wages no matter what.)   I'll return in August with your portraits.

Please contact me with any comments or questions at or visit the website to find out more.

Micro-finance through art patronage! 



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