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I found this charmer as I walked the streets of Kathmandu.   This Danger Dog with a black eye says:   "You should have seen the other guy!"

These two don't look nearly as creepy in person as they do in this photo.   In fact, the pug is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen in person.   These two dogs get along like best friends - I photographed them last year in the daylight.   They are extremely friendly and cannot wait to be petted, even at night by a crazy lady with a flash camera!

There are many Enlightened Dogs in Nepal.   This is Barney, a handsome white labrador retreiver who has had his portrait commissioned as part of my Danger Dog Fair Trade Art project here in Dogmandu.   This portrait is by Baba and is available.   (You can also have your pet painted here in Nepal - contact me at for more information - or visit my website at

We walked a long time in the dark last night.   Kathmandu is still suffering from an electricity shortage and has many scheduled 'load-shedding' (no electricity) times.   Many people now have generators, but it is still dark out there!


I was happy to see this old favorite yesterday.   These twin boxers have held up well.   When I first saw them, they did not have any blood dripping from their muzzles.  

Unfortunately this sign, one of my favorites, has not fared so well.   It makes me want to knock on the door and buy it (replacing it with another good signboard, of course).   It may be too late.   The patina on this one was great.   Oh, well.

Above is an example of an adapted Everest Kennel Club signboard.   They scanned a photo of their own dog (a Corgi!) replacing the standard stenciled shepherd.   Good for them.

I am here in Kathmandu taking orders in the 7th Danger Dog trip.   Please send me your files of your pets and I will give the photos to 3 signboard artists here in Nepal.   They will paint your pet's portrait on metal (using synthetic enamel).   These beware of dog signs can be hung indoors or out.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed as I accept no money up front.   You pay only after choosing which of the 3 portraits you prefer.   The struggling Nepali signboard artists are paid fair trade wages in any case. 

Contact me at to order or with any questions.   You can also go to to find out more about the project.

Micro-finance through art patronage.

Why I love Nepal - Boudha!

We are getting back into the swing of things here in Boudha.

On the way home from dinner, we pass the stupa and get in touch with all our dog friends.   I don't know if these dogs remember me from last trip or they just like the smell of foreigners.   In any case, I got a nice welcome.

We started our evening with this fabulous view from the Saturday Cafe high above the stupa.   I wish you could hear the chanting, the temple bells, the low rumble of prayers that complete this scene.   A man goes round the stupa with his censer filled with myrhh, delighting the nose as well.

Football fever has hit Nepal, with these young men playing even in a light rain.

The South African World Cut FIFA games are televised nightly at 7:45 pm and a quarter after midnight here in Boudha.   This large rear-screen projection screen is in a pleasant garden surrounded by corn fields.   The Tibetan Dream Factory is a non-profit restaurant with proceeds going to help Tibetan refugees.   Not only money, but training is included in their largess.   We had a Thai red curry and a Thai green curry as we watched the game between Holland and Slovakia.  They used to have a cook trained in Calcutta who made the exotic curry, and I guess he has moved on.   The curries were good, but not a trace of Thai flavor remains.   Oh, well.

Who's minding the store?   

A beware of dog signboard on its last legs.  

I ordered many signs yesterday.   If you would like your pet immortalized on metal by a Nepalese artist, please send me a photo of your pet, I will give it to 3 Nepali artists.   You have no risk as I take no money up front.   If you do not like any of the 3 portraits of your pet, you pay nothing.   All 3 artists are paid fair trade wages in any case.

Please contact me at with any questions or comments.   You can also go to to see more about the project.

Live from Kathmandu!

We are back in Kathmandu.     100_9817
This dog has a low grumbling frightening growl.   I think he does not even need this sign to warn you away.   But I am glad to see it all the same.

This is low tourist season, the mountains are hidden behind dramatic monsoonal clouds, rains make the streets muddy.   But all this means that we have the whole floor of our guest house, the best seats at the restaurants, and rainbows.


This huge rainbow appeared on the rooftop of the Dragon Guest House last night.   It looked as though it ended at the Boudha stupa, but the new buildings that have popped up all around the Dragon have obscured our view from the hotel.  

The monsoons are late in coming,  the streets of Boudha are newly paved in stone, business may be slow, but new places are opening, new buildings are everywhere.

We ran into this little boy with his new puppy pulling him along.   This little dog is a hunter, he ran after a strolling cow...

Then the little dog turned his attention to this stunning St. Bernard.  

And the St. Bernard was just as interested in this little dog.

Beautiful signboards are alive and well here in Kathmandu!  

This Beware of Dog sign is in Boudha, and reminds me of a Danger Dog I know named Grover!   Remember, a Nepali beware of dog sign will always have a tongue!   Dogmandu!

If you would like to have your pet immortalized on a Nepalese 'Beware of Dog' sign, now is the time to order.  

Send me a photo of your pet and I will give it to 3 endangered Nepali signboard artists who will paint it on metal using synthetic enamel.   Each portrait is approximately one foot square.   Your satisfaction is guaranteed as you pay nothing until you decide which of the 3 portraits you prefer.   The 3 artists are all paid fair trade wages in any case.   The portraits you don't buy are offered at museum shops, art galleries and on-line.

For more information, please contact me at, or go to

Any questions or comments are always welcomed.

Beware of the dog signs from Nepal

As I get my orders straight before I go on this next big adventure to Kathmandu and beyond, I anticipate the cool signs to come.   

Ruby by the artist Vinosh.   This signboard is written in Nepalese script on the bottom and Tibetan script runs down the left.    Ruby is a saintly dog caught in a dramatic vortex.   By the way, this painting was signed by Birju, the man who did the lettering.   Birju is no longer working as he believes that the world will end in 2012 and therefore he no longer needs money or to work.   The painter Vinosh has moved to Saudi Arabia to do remittance work. (16% of Nepal's GNP is from money sent by these remittance workers to their family at home.)

And I look forward to picking up new signs and admiring them in the Dragon Guest House gardens.   Here is artwork by the artist Sagar.   Queenie, Fannie, Sophie, Louis and Chester range from left to right.

I look forward to seeing these fabulously amusing signboards on the gates and walls of the city of Kathmandu.   

I'm looking forward to seeing Amar Shrestha and my other artists as they paint the Danger Dogs.   So far this trip all orders are only dogs!   Not a cat in the bunch.

Remember, you pay nothing up front.   Send me a photo of your pet and I will give it to 3 struggling Nepali signboard artists.   You pay only after you choose your pet's portrait.

I pay all the artists fair trade wages whether you choose their art or not.  

All paintings are approximately 1 square foot, synthetic enamel on often recycled metal.   You can choose what you would like it to say and which style of art you like.

Contact Michelle Page at for more information or go to to learn more.

Now is the time to get ahead of the pack!  Order your custom Nepal Art Dog (or Cat) soon for mid-August delivery.  

These personalized portraits are the perfect gift.   Surprise someone you love with a painting of someone they love.

Beware of Dog Signs from Nepal!

Your pet can be immortalized on metal by 3 endangered Nepali artists.


Above is Hank, an enlightened dog.   Hank's lucky owner had his choice of the above three portraits by Sabala, Amar and Govinda (clockwise from top left).   He chose the one by Amar, and 3 artists got work.     BichonFrisee.Triple_704
Maude, a Bichon Frisse, was captured by Amar Shrestha, ShaShi and Sabala (again clockwise from top left).   The portrait with the pink background was chosen.   The artists are all paid regardless if the owner chooses them or not.  

St Ebba is a doberman pinscher from Oregon.   Her paintings are by Dilip Niroj, Hari Prasad and Sabala.   In this case, the owners bought both the painting by Hari P and by Sabala.   The portrait by Dilip is still available.

This cute Pomeranian is by Sagar, Amar and Govinda.   This time, the owner chose Govinda.   

These double cats are by ShaShi, Amar and Sabala.   The owner chose the portrait by Amar.

This is but a small example of what is in store if you order a Danger Dog.   Over 1400 have been made to date, making a real difference in these artists' lives.

All commissions are given to 3 struggling Nepali signboard artists who paint your pet on metal, using synthetic enamel.   These portraits can be hung indoors or out.   Most are approximately 1 foot square.

You choose what you would like your sign to say...  Tell me which style of artist you prefer.   Your satisfaction is guaranteed as you pay nothing until you decide which portrait of your pet you like.   Send me a file of your pet today!  

The art of the signboard is fast disappearing in Nepal.   It is already mostly gone in India.   You can help by ordering your pet on metal.

Contact me at for more information, or go to

You can also buy any of the available dogs I have.   To see what is currently in stock, please go to the NepalDog's YouTube channel.   You should have your pet's portrait by mid-August.   I will be returning to Nepal again in October/November for the Christmas run.   These portraits make the perfect gift for an animal/art lover.