Beware of the dog signs from Nepal
Why I love Nepal - Boudha!

Live from Kathmandu!

We are back in Kathmandu.     100_9817
This dog has a low grumbling frightening growl.   I think he does not even need this sign to warn you away.   But I am glad to see it all the same.

This is low tourist season, the mountains are hidden behind dramatic monsoonal clouds, rains make the streets muddy.   But all this means that we have the whole floor of our guest house, the best seats at the restaurants, and rainbows.


This huge rainbow appeared on the rooftop of the Dragon Guest House last night.   It looked as though it ended at the Boudha stupa, but the new buildings that have popped up all around the Dragon have obscured our view from the hotel.  

The monsoons are late in coming,  the streets of Boudha are newly paved in stone, business may be slow, but new places are opening, new buildings are everywhere.

We ran into this little boy with his new puppy pulling him along.   This little dog is a hunter, he ran after a strolling cow...

Then the little dog turned his attention to this stunning St. Bernard.  

And the St. Bernard was just as interested in this little dog.

Beautiful signboards are alive and well here in Kathmandu!  

This Beware of Dog sign is in Boudha, and reminds me of a Danger Dog I know named Grover!   Remember, a Nepali beware of dog sign will always have a tongue!   Dogmandu!

If you would like to have your pet immortalized on a Nepalese 'Beware of Dog' sign, now is the time to order.  

Send me a photo of your pet and I will give it to 3 endangered Nepali signboard artists who will paint it on metal using synthetic enamel.   Each portrait is approximately one foot square.   Your satisfaction is guaranteed as you pay nothing until you decide which of the 3 portraits you prefer.   The 3 artists are all paid fair trade wages in any case.   The portraits you don't buy are offered at museum shops, art galleries and on-line.

For more information, please contact me at, or go to

Any questions or comments are always welcomed.


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