The first Danger Dogs work-in-progress

More 'Beware of Dog' Signboards of Kathmandu


While ordering Danger Dog signs yesterday, we walked the streets of Kathmandu looking for good 'Beware of the Dog' signs.   Here is an old friend near the Chabahil area of Kathmandu.

Another old friend in the district.   I often photograph signs I have seen before to keep track of their patina.    This lassie is a particular favorite.   There is a huge compound behind this sign.

This is a wonderfully naive (and large) signboard advertising a Veterinarian.

This two-sided signboard is from the same vet.

This 'beware of dog' sign is certainly different.

This pretty sign has the typical Nepali tongue on a 'be ware of dog' signboard.

This 'dog(???)' can speak for itself.

Turns out that the Everest Kennel Club people are going with a new image!   Yesterday I reported that some family had put their Corgi on their gate.   The Corgi is the new German Shepherd here in Nepal.

This faded afghan sign is a precursor to the German Shepherd that is now everywhere.   Soon to be replaced by a Corgi?

All these Danger Dog signs don't seem to phase these kittens.

If you would like to immortalize your pet and help struggling Nepali signboard artists at the same time... now is your chance!  I am here in Kathmandu currently taking orders and will give each commission to 3 artists who will paint your pet on metal, giving you 3 choices and 3 artists work.

Each sign is approximately one square foot, synthetic enamel on often recycled metal.   They can be hung indoors or out.

Any questions or comments are welcome.   You can leave them below or contact me at   The Nepal Art Dog project also has a website at   There you can find the various artists, their style of art, costs and what's available if you'd like to purchase an existing signboard.  

This is a fair trade art project determined to promote signboard art in Nepal before it completely disappears.    Micro-finance through art patronage.   We are giving these artists a rod not a fish.

Danger Dogs (or Cats) make the perfect gift for pet lovers who collect art and would like to make a difference.


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