It's a Wrap! 7th Danger Dog Trip is over!
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Artists with their Works

Santosh Shrestha is one of my first artists.   I found him in June 2007 on my first Danger Dog trip.   He has a distinctive signature and it was easy to find many great works by him in the Lakeside area of Pokhara.   This trip I notice that he is selling and repairing mobile phones as a sideline to supplement his signboard business.   That is his beautiful wife on the right.

Sorry for the bad photo, but my camera broke in Nepal and you would not believe the duty they charge!   I have replaced my old trusty Kodak EasyShare camera, but not before taking a photo of Megh Raj and his son, Anup, with the Beloved Dog Ozzie.   I was very happy to see the heart shaped font they used.   You can tell that Megh Raj and his son are romantics!   Though you cannot tell by the serious expressions on their faces.

Ram Mohan Patel with Naish's portrait of the God Hanuman.

Sufraj Khadka in his studio.

Dilip Niroj with his soulful portrait of Bat Boy the Mastiff.   Love the little foot that sticks out to the side.


I'm going back to commission more portraits soon, so if you'd like to get on the list to have your pet painted by these artists, send me a file of your pet.   I will give that photo to at least 3 Nepali artists and you pay only after you choose.  Simple as that.  Satisfaction guaranteed.   I promise that if one doesn't tickle your fancy, I'll simply give it to a 4th artist.

But get in your order soon - time's a wasting!

Contact me at ampage1(at)

This is a fair trade art project and I pay each artist whether you choose their work or not.   Extra pieces are sold at museum stores and on line.

More information can be found at

Also, check out a great review of this project here!


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