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Danger Dogs from Nepal

Yesterday a 'chakra jam' or strike not allowing any private or public vehicles on the road was called, causing havok for businesses and problems for anyone trying to get anywhere!

While it is a major discomfort for the people in the Kathmandu Valley, Dan and I use it as an excuse to wander into new neighborhoods without the incredible noise and dust that the traffic generates.   We were lucky to find this big and bright Danger Dog near Jorpati.   Signboards like this one were the inspiration for this Fair Trade art project.   They are disappearing fast.  101_2341
Bruiser is a lucky dog that lives on a farm and roots around in all sorts of fragrant stuff, hence the stinky appelation.   Be assured that he is well loved in any case.   Here is his finished portrait by Sagar.

This double portrait of Posey and Scooter is also by Sagar.   Sagar signs his work in Japanese with a chop that means Ocean in Japanese.  Sagar is Ocean in Nepali.

Lastly, we have Ozzie, an Amazing Dog, as painted by Sagar.   Ozzie sports his Burberry scarf.   Sagar's art is on recycled metal.

More tomorrow!   Stay tuned.

To find out more about the Danger Dog project, go to

This Fair Trade art project was started to preserve the fast disappearing signboard art in Nepal.   By promoting this art I hope to make it possible for these fine artists to continue their work in this digital age.

These paintings are all approximately one square foot, painted with synthetic enamel and can be hung indoors or out.

I will be returning to Nepal later this year for holiday orders.

Give someone you love a portrait of someone they love!   Make it a Danger Dog Christmas!



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