Three of a Kind Danger Dogs beginning to come in!
Nepal Art Dogs from Sanjib Rana

Dilip's Danger Dogs

Bat Boy the mastiff with the painter Dilip Niroj.   Dilip still needs to put the Nepali script on this, but he captured the intense stare of this giant dog.

Here is Logan, part of the Tailwagger trilogy.   I am glad that Dilip was able to spell Tailwaggers!

Buddy by Dilip.   When we first met, Dilip would only paint German Shepherds and Dobermans.   Dilip is always my first choice when I get an order for these 'Dog's Dogs'!

Dexter by Dilip.   The last of the Tailwaggers trio, Dexter is going to be a hard choice for the owner.   All three captured his look.

Max and Ernie by Dilip!   Looks like Ernie's been in the sugar bowl.

Chow Boy!   Here is the first of three of Chow Boy, the companion to Stella the black and white Bassett Hound.

There is still time (barely) to get in your orders for this trip!  Please send me a file at [email protected] and I will give your pet's portrait to 3 struggling Nepali signboard artists.   Your satisfactoin is guaranteed as I only accept money after you choose which portrait you would like.   The artists are paid in any case.   Or go to to find more information.

More pick ups today.   Stay tuned!

Micro-finance through art patronage!   Turn your pet into folk art and help save an endangered art form at the same time.



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