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Danger: Enlightened Poodles from Nepal


There are many great places to donate to in the vast miasma that is Dogmandu!  

Sleeping dog in Kathmandu

There are many sleeping dogs in Dogmandu.   Some are more picturesque than others.

This charmer is sleeping with the rocks up in Mustang.   Better than sleeping with the fishes!   He looks content in any case.   Dogmandu!

This dog - Tarapondray - sleeps on the stupa.  She is well loved, by her Tibetan owners, the many passers by on the Boudha Stupa, and the male dogs that have fathered many generations of pups.   Hope she is enjoying her sleep...

Cause she's going to need it!   Here she is in 2008 with her puppies.   In August of 2010, she was in heat again and I saw her copulating with 3 different males daily and often.   The KAT (Kathmandu Animal Treatment center) tries to fix these dogs, but Tarapondray has an owner.

There are many, many dogs that wander in Boudha.   Dan has counted over 100 in a short trip from our guest house to the stupa and around.    Many have owners but many do not.   One granny feeds the streetdogs each evening.

Jan Salter, a British artist, has spayed, de-wormed and vaccinated over 8100 dogs since beginning her  wonderful KAT project in 2004.

You can help by going to her website, donating and spreading the word about the wonderful work that she does.   I have seen for myself how many dogs have been helped through her work.  I have met veterinarians who donate their time and expertise to these dogs.  I have met Jan many times and she is selfless in her determination to help these animals.



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