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August 2010

Dog Friends

Lucky and Odie are obviously best friends here in this double portrait.   Odie is looking a bit like Herman Munster there on the right.   Art by Sufraj Khadka.

Jojo and Maggie are another pair of old friends.   That's Maggie on the right with the "Cone of Shame" - see the movie UP to get that reference.   Above is their portrait by Dilip.

Sophie and Stargel are another dynamic duo, this time painted by Hari Prasad.

This playful pair is by Ram Krishna.

Maggie and Flip are not really joined at the hip as it appears in this painting by Amar Shrestha.

Max and Ernie are a true pair of Danger Dogs in this painting by Shree Laimecchaine of Pokhara.  Looks like they have both been eating from the sugar bowl!

All of the above portraits are available.

You can have your pair immortalized by 3 struggling signboard artists from Nepal.    Signboard art is fast disappearing and being replaced by digitalized works on plastic.    The Danger Dog signboards are on recycled metal and are approximately one square foot.   The artists use synthetic enamel and the signs are made to be hung indoors or out.

I will be returning to Nepal for the 8th Danger Dog trip in November, returning in early December in time for holiday delivery.

Give someone you love a portrait of someone they love!    Micro-finance through art patronage.

Fair Trade Art from Nepal.


Artists with their Works

Santosh Shrestha is one of my first artists.   I found him in June 2007 on my first Danger Dog trip.   He has a distinctive signature and it was easy to find many great works by him in the Lakeside area of Pokhara.   This trip I notice that he is selling and repairing mobile phones as a sideline to supplement his signboard business.   That is his beautiful wife on the right.

Sorry for the bad photo, but my camera broke in Nepal and you would not believe the duty they charge!   I have replaced my old trusty Kodak EasyShare camera, but not before taking a photo of Megh Raj and his son, Anup, with the Beloved Dog Ozzie.   I was very happy to see the heart shaped font they used.   You can tell that Megh Raj and his son are romantics!   Though you cannot tell by the serious expressions on their faces.

Ram Mohan Patel with Naish's portrait of the God Hanuman.

Sufraj Khadka in his studio.

Dilip Niroj with his soulful portrait of Bat Boy the Mastiff.   Love the little foot that sticks out to the side.


I'm going back to commission more portraits soon, so if you'd like to get on the list to have your pet painted by these artists, send me a file of your pet.   I will give that photo to at least 3 Nepali artists and you pay only after you choose.  Simple as that.  Satisfaction guaranteed.   I promise that if one doesn't tickle your fancy, I'll simply give it to a 4th artist.

But get in your order soon - time's a wasting!

Contact me at ampage1(at)

This is a fair trade art project and I pay each artist whether you choose their work or not.   Extra pieces are sold at museum stores and on line.

More information can be found at

Also, check out a great review of this project here!

It's a Wrap! 7th Danger Dog Trip is over!

I'm back in Santa Monica with the Danger Dogs collected during the 7th trip to Nepal - bringing you the latest Nepal Art Dogs.

Rex the Enlightened One!   By Chandra Chaudhury, Amar Shrestha and Sufraj Khadka (clockwise from top left).

Bindi the red Doberman Pinscher was a late order but she is a beauty all the same.   Her intent gaze holds your interest and will be certain to keep burglars from the door.  Bindi's artwork is by Sabala, Sagar and Sufraj (clockwise from top left).

Bruiser the 'Stinky Enlightened Dog' by Megh Raj, Sagar and Sufraj (clockwise from top left).

Which would you choose?

I'm back, with very minor jet lag.   The time difference between Kathmandu and Los Angeles is 12 hours and 20 minutes.   It is 8:30 am and I want to sleep deeply tonight and wake up at 6 am ready to go.

Shuba ratri!   (Sweet Dreams in the Nepali language.)

Go to to see an article on the Danger Dog Fair Trade Art Project written by the fabulous Julia Szabo.   Should be in the Friday, August 20 edition!

Which would you choose?

Ozzie by Santosh Shrestha, Sagar and Megh Raj (clockwise from top left).   Ozzie has such a sweet face, and the artists captured his distinctive coloring.   Ozzie's owner has a hard choice ahead of her.

Posey and Scooter by Sagar, MeghRaj and Sabala (clockwise from top left).   I love to see how 3 'naive' artists handle the design problem of an arm amidst the 2 dogs.   I think all three were sophisticated in their diverse solutions.   I prefer to give as little input as possible as to style or background color.   I decide which artist is best for which dog - or try to.

Here the artists feature the many hairstyles of Zach.   From top left, the artists are Jit Gurung, Sabala and Megh Raj.

Another inspiration for this project.   This sweet little beagle looks a bit like Posey in the double portrait above.   This signboard has had a long hard life, with little respect from the  wall painter in any case!

I have been watching this signboard for 6 years now and it is still beautiful.   This artist with his distinctive 'horn dogs' must work in this area.   I've seen more than one in this style around the Baluwatar area of Kathmandu.

More tomorrow.

If you would like your own pet immortalized on metal by a struggling Nepali signboard artist, I will be returning to Nepal in a couple of months for the 8th Danger Dog trip.

This is a Fair Trade Art project that aims to promote the fast disappearing signboard art trade.   It has already mostly disappeared completely in India.

Each commission generates work for 3 Nepali artists.   The signs are approximately one square foot, synthetic enamel on metal and can be hung indoors or out.   They make wonderful gifts for pet lovers who collect art.

Satisfaction is guaranteed as I accept no money up front and you pay only if you choose a piece.   All artists are paid whether you choose their work or not.

Contact me at ampage1(at) for more information.   Also you can go to to learn more.

Danger Dogs from Nepal

Yesterday a 'chakra jam' or strike not allowing any private or public vehicles on the road was called, causing havok for businesses and problems for anyone trying to get anywhere!

While it is a major discomfort for the people in the Kathmandu Valley, Dan and I use it as an excuse to wander into new neighborhoods without the incredible noise and dust that the traffic generates.   We were lucky to find this big and bright Danger Dog near Jorpati.   Signboards like this one were the inspiration for this Fair Trade art project.   They are disappearing fast.  101_2341
Bruiser is a lucky dog that lives on a farm and roots around in all sorts of fragrant stuff, hence the stinky appelation.   Be assured that he is well loved in any case.   Here is his finished portrait by Sagar.

This double portrait of Posey and Scooter is also by Sagar.   Sagar signs his work in Japanese with a chop that means Ocean in Japanese.  Sagar is Ocean in Nepali.

Lastly, we have Ozzie, an Amazing Dog, as painted by Sagar.   Ozzie sports his Burberry scarf.   Sagar's art is on recycled metal.

More tomorrow!   Stay tuned.

To find out more about the Danger Dog project, go to

This Fair Trade art project was started to preserve the fast disappearing signboard art in Nepal.   By promoting this art I hope to make it possible for these fine artists to continue their work in this digital age.

These paintings are all approximately one square foot, painted with synthetic enamel and can be hung indoors or out.

I will be returning to Nepal later this year for holiday orders.

Give someone you love a portrait of someone they love!   Make it a Danger Dog Christmas!