Which would you choose?
Artists with their Works

It's a Wrap! 7th Danger Dog Trip is over!

I'm back in Santa Monica with the Danger Dogs collected during the 7th trip to Nepal - bringing you the latest Nepal Art Dogs.

Rex the Enlightened One!   By Chandra Chaudhury, Amar Shrestha and Sufraj Khadka (clockwise from top left).

Bindi the red Doberman Pinscher was a late order but she is a beauty all the same.   Her intent gaze holds your interest and will be certain to keep burglars from the door.  Bindi's artwork is by Sabala, Sagar and Sufraj (clockwise from top left).

Bruiser the 'Stinky Enlightened Dog' by Megh Raj, Sagar and Sufraj (clockwise from top left).

Which would you choose?

I'm back, with very minor jet lag.   The time difference between Kathmandu and Los Angeles is 12 hours and 20 minutes.   It is 8:30 am and I want to sleep deeply tonight and wake up at 6 am ready to go.

Shuba ratri!   (Sweet Dreams in the Nepali language.)

Go to Dogster.com to see an article on the Danger Dog Fair Trade Art Project written by the fabulous Julia Szabo.   Should be in the Friday, August 20 edition!


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