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Danger Dogs from Nepal

More Works in Progress

Above is Rex by Sufraj Khadka.   Sufraj is an adamant non-smoker, and the full wording of the background sign is 'Donkey Smokes' -- Donkey as in Ass!

Here is the lovely Daddy, a Catahoula Leopard Dog, as a work in progress by Megh Raj.

Again we have Daddy, by Sagar, a little farther along in the process.

Amar Shrestha begins his outline of Rex's portrait in pencil.

Here is (a bad photo of) Amar's final.   All is good and it looks great in person but it should say 'Enlightened One!'   Easy to fix.

Bruiser and Ozzie awaiting eyes and other final touches at Megh Raj's studio.

Zach seems to glow in this portrait set in the mountains.   Not all of this glow is due to my wonky camera.

Here is Zach farther along!   Again, the chalk test is incorrect -- should be Danger Dog!

Posey and Scooter as works in progress by Megh Raj.

Here is Bruiser by Sufraj as a work in progress.   Sufraj always has very colorful backgrounds with fanciful borders so it will be interesting to compare this with the final.

More tomorrow!




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