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Nepal Art Dogs from Sanjib Rana

Sanjib Rana is a hard-working artist.   He told me this trip that he enjoys painting at midnight!   Well, he did not waste the midnight oil in this latest series.

I was a little concerned that a 4-figure portrait would not work, that one or the other of the dogs would not be right.   Well, this one blew me out of the water.   Look at the loving detail given not only to the dogs, but to the BMW.

Next we have Layla by Sanjib.   The glow of the light on her fur, the twinkle in her eye....

The lovely Molly looks dapper with her scarf.    Dignified, too.

Chow Boy is in the pink on his checkerboard floor.   Turns out that Chow Boy is only a nickname.   His real name is Johnnie Walker Red.

Stella the Basset Hound (and companion to Johnnie Walker Red above) is also in the pink as painted by Sanjib.

I am proud to say that I have found steady work for Sanjib with a prominent hotel owner here in Kathmandu.  Nice hotels need artwork on the walls and Sanjib is providing that.   His speciality is birds and there are many bird watchers here in Nepal.

Please write to me at ampage1(at)gmail.com if you have any questions about the Nepal Art Dogs.    You can also visit my website at NepalDog.com to see more and learn about this fair trade art project from Nepal.

Stay tuned.   More artwork from Nepal's signboard artists tomorrow!


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