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August 2010

Dilip's Danger Dogs

Bat Boy the mastiff with the painter Dilip Niroj.   Dilip still needs to put the Nepali script on this, but he captured the intense stare of this giant dog.

Here is Logan, part of the Tailwagger trilogy.   I am glad that Dilip was able to spell Tailwaggers!

Buddy by Dilip.   When we first met, Dilip would only paint German Shepherds and Dobermans.   Dilip is always my first choice when I get an order for these 'Dog's Dogs'!

Dexter by Dilip.   The last of the Tailwaggers trio, Dexter is going to be a hard choice for the owner.   All three captured his look.

Max and Ernie by Dilip!   Looks like Ernie's been in the sugar bowl.

Chow Boy!   Here is the first of three of Chow Boy, the companion to Stella the black and white Bassett Hound.

There is still time (barely) to get in your orders for this trip!  Please send me a file at and I will give your pet's portrait to 3 struggling Nepali signboard artists.   Your satisfactoin is guaranteed as I only accept money after you choose which portrait you would like.   The artists are paid in any case.   Or go to to find more information.

More pick ups today.   Stay tuned!

Micro-finance through art patronage!   Turn your pet into folk art and help save an endangered art form at the same time.


Three of a Kind Danger Dogs beginning to come in!

There are some tough choices ahead!


One of the first triptychs to be completed this trip is this white Westie, Maggie.  The choices include one from Santosh Shrestha, Sufraj Khadka and the bottom is by Shree Laimecchaine (clockwise from top left).

The original photo (in front of the wine) includes a railing where Maggie is gazing off into the Hudson River.   Shree includes the rail in his portrait and Sufraj hints at its presence wth his Nepal lettering suggesting the rail.   Both Shree and Sufraj replace the Hudson with greenery.   I wonder if they even knew that a river could be so wide.   Santosh (as always) ignores all backgrounds.   Alll 3 feature Maggie's cute pink ears prominently.   Notice the different ways they handled Maggie's backside -- Santosh ignores it, Sufraj give the rear a blurry back and Shree imagines a curled white tail.   The jawline emphasis is also handled very differently in all 3 pieces.

Sorry for the wonky photo.   My camera may be on its way out.


Maggie's sathee (means friend in the Nepali language) and companion Yuki, a Shiba Inu, was painted by the same trio of artists -- Sufraj, Santosh and Shree (clockwise from top left).   The owner of the pair had requested 'naive and colorful'.

Of the 3 artists, only Shree included the furniture giving a Nepali home makeover to his portrait.   Shree also included both forepaws even though only Yuki's left front paw is in the photo provided.   All 3 paid careful attention to Yuko's lovely black and tan markings though Shree's Yuki is black and white.   Both Shree and Santosh chose to give Yuki a halo of writing.

The whiskers should be compared as well.   Short, medium to long!   If dogs used Maybelline's Great Lash Mascara on their whiskers, Santosh's painting would be the result.

Above is Ernie the Schnoodle and his final 3 choices.   By Sufraj, Shree and Santosh (clockwise from top left).

Ernie looks like a happy dog, and all 3 artists have caught that.   To me, the portrait of Ernie by Sufraj looks like Ernie as a puppy.   Much like Yuki's whisker progression, the size of Ernie's tongue varies greatly in the 3 portraits.   Shree puts Ernie in the mountains, Sufraj places him in a green field and Santosh lets Ernie stand alone in a deep blue background.

I have an order for a portrait of Hanuman this trip.   You can imagine my surprise when I arrived at the shop and found Hanuman in such a compromising juxtaposition!   Or maybe he too needs an umbrella in the monsoon!   Hanuman is a Hindu God sometimes referred to as the Monkey God.   Hanuman is a provider of courage, hope, knowledge, intellect and devotion. He is pictured as a robust monkey holding a mace (gada) which is a sign of great bravery.  This version of Hanuman is painted by Sagar.   Sagar signs his signboards with a Japanese chop as he teaches young Japanese artists.

I dropped by Megh Raj's studio and found him hard at work painting a beauty shop portrait of the Indian beauty Aishwarya Rai.   A former Miss World, Aishwarya is a popular celebrity in Nepal and a huge movie star in South Asia.


As usual, Megh Raj is doing a great job with her image.

Megh Raj has a number of portraits that are waiting for the Nepali lettering.   Here is Marley, a charming mix of Corgi and Beagle looking content and thoughtful on a favorite blanket.

Above is Marley's good friend Reign, a blue-eyed Corgi.   I had never seen one before and I think you will agree that she is striking!    Again, Reign is awaiting her Nepalese translation.


More tomorrow, including the completed works of Megh Raj.

There is still time to order your Danger Dog (or Cat!), but time is running out.   Write to me at ampage1(at) for more information and to order.   I do not accept money up front but will try my best to give you a memorable portrait of your pet from Nepal.

This is a fair trade art project and all artists are paid whether you buy or not.   Over 1500 pieces have been commissioned to date giving the artists a lot of much-needed work.

Danger Dogs are for pet lovers who collect art and would like to make a difference.

More information at

Stay tuned!

More New Danger Dogs from Nepal

We are back in Dogmandu!

Bat Boy makes a brilliant Danger Dog.   A giant mastiff, he looks enlightened as painted by Santosh Shrestha.

Next is the lovely white Westie, Maggie by Santosh.

Maggie's pal Yuki the black and tan Shiba Inu is next, looking Enlightened drying out in the sun.

Little Ozzie is next by Santosh.   Ozzie is the first awesome dog in the Danger Dog series.

The finished Ernie the Schnoodle by Santosh.

Max looks good in red.   Again by Santosh.

I am now back in Kathmandu and will be picking up more Nepal Dog portraits!   Stay tuned.

There are still a few more days to order, but you must hurry.   Remember, satisfaction is guaranteed, as I accept no money up front.   You pay only if you like one of the Danger Dog portraits.

All commissions receive a choice of 3 paintings on metal from 3 different struggling Nepali signboard artists.   The works are synthetic enamel on metal and are about one foot square.   You can put them indoors or out.   All artists get paid fair trade wages whether you choose them or not.

The Nepal Art Dog project is designed to promote Nepali signboard art.   Signboard art is rapidly being replaced by sterile, computer-generated digital art, not the vibrant hand-painted signboards of the past.

You can help by ordering today.   Please send me a file of your pet and I will give it to 3 artists, giving you a choice of 3 works of art and giving 3 artists work at the same time.

Write to me at to find out more, or go to the website.

Hurry!  Only a few days left to order.   These portraits make great gifts.

Pokhara Danger Dogs!


This was the happy sight that welcomed me when I came to pick up from Shree.   Here is (from top to bottom) a spec sign that Shree made of the black labrador Leila, an order from a previous trip, a Double Dog of Max and Ernie, and Shree's portrait of Yuki, an Enlightened black and tan Shiba Inu.    Displayed alongside Shree's original art, for all the world to see.

Molly is up top with a rainbow background and Yuki's Westie friend Maggie is painted looking off from her perch over the Hudson.

Next we have the handsome Schnoodle Ernie painted in the mountains of Nepal.   And a reprise of a painting of the always popular Barred Rock hen Sirius Black.   When I came by earlier to drop off Nepali neighbors were snickering at the Dharma Chicken translation.

Next it was on to see Jit Gurung.   As always his portraits of the dogs were fabulous, but he mispelled the Tailwaggers Dog!   Tailwaggers is a store in Los Angeles (on Bronson) featuring natural pet products, and I will have the Tailwaffers changed to Tailwaggers!  Above is Jit with Logan the german shepherd, a Tailwaggers mascot.

As always, Jit forgot to sign his art.  On top is Danger Dog Zach.

Here is the final trilogy of the three Tailwaggers Dogs - Buddy, Dexter and Logan by Jit Gurung.

This is Leila, a beautiful dog from the Pacific Palisades by Jit Gurung.   Again Jit substitutes the G for an F, making Leila an Enlifhtened Dog.

Surprisingly, one of my more stable artists, Santosh, was not finished even though I gave him 2 weeks to complete the 6 Danger Dog portraits and I returned after 3 and a half weeks.   Maybe it has something to do with the Kurt Kobain t-shirt?   Is he trying to tell me something?  Here he is with his wife and a not-quite-dry portrait of the lovely Lhasa Apso mix Max.

I knew something was up when I saw 4 Danger Dog portraits drying in the sun outside his shop.   Left to right we have BatBoy with a yellow background, Maggie the White Westie, Ernie the Schnoodle and the first Awesome Dog Ozzie as works in progress.    The Digital Store signboard at top is made of flex plastic and is less than a year old.   Faded and damaged by holes, these 'new and improved' signs are  the traditional hand-painted colorful signboards on metal's replacements.

It is still not too late to order a signboard for this trip.   But time is running out.   Send me a photo of your pet and I will give that photo to 3 Nepali signboard artists - giving you 3 choices and 3 struggling artists work.  I pay fair trade wages and there is no risk to you as I take no money up front.   Satisfaction guaranteed - no bad karma here.

Send your photos to me at or go to for more information.

They make the perfect gift for the pet lovers in your life.




Why I love Nepal -- Mustang!

Mustang in the off-season is simply wonderful.

While some feel the mountains are obscured by the clouds, I just enjoy the clouds!

This is the windy village of Keg Beni.   It is always a pleasure to see it again.  The Annapurna Circuit in the off season is lovely.

This year has been a good one for animal husbandry in Keg Beni.   This young cow greeted us at the Safe Water Drinking stand.


Sometimes a mountain peeks out from the clouds.101_1001
These curious goats were at about 4200 meters (a 1500 meter or 4500 foot climb) for us.   The goats were better at it than we were.  

This was our reward for that hike -- a magnificent view of upper Mustang.  

Niligiri as seen from Keg Beni.   Now this was worth waiting for.

Now I am off to pick up some Danger Dogs.   Be sure to tune in tomorrow to see the works of Shree, Jit and Santosh.

There is still time to commission a portrait of your pet.   Each submision will get a choice of 3 portraits by 3 different struggling signboard artists.   The signboards are approximately one square foot, synthetic enamel on metal, and can be hung indoors or out.   You get a choice of 3 portraits, 3 people get work and museum shops and art galleries get folk art from Nepal.

A quick letter to me at will answer all questions.   Satisfaction is guaranteed as I take no money up front, and all artists are paid fair trade wages whether you choose their piece or not.

These portraits make the perfect gift.   More tommorow.