Which would you choose?
Which would you choose?

Pick up at Sabala's

Above is Stella, the black and white Basset Hound, with Johnnie Walker Red (aka ChowBoy) as painted by Sabala.

Next is Sabala's version of the 4 labrador retreivers in the hatchback of a BMW.   This is a little larger than the normal one square foot and features the car less then the other two artists renditions.

Bat Boy the Mastiff certainly has an Enlightened look in this portrait by Sabala.   Look at those jowls!

Here we have a cornocopia of dogs by Sabala.

And Sabala's final version of Hanuman.   That is Shiva and Ram inside his chest.

I did take a new order today, but we are cutting it close!

Sorry for the poor quality of today's photos.  My camera is not taking good daylight photos.   Trying to fix it here is difficult as Kodak does not sell cameras in Nepal and parts are hard to come by.   Also, 4 different repair shops gave 4 different suppositions as to the problem.  And you would not believe the prices for a new one here!   The duty must be enormous.

More tomorrow.


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