Why I love Nepal -- Mustang!
More New Danger Dogs from Nepal

Pokhara Danger Dogs!


This was the happy sight that welcomed me when I came to pick up from Shree.   Here is (from top to bottom) a spec sign that Shree made of the black labrador Leila, an order from a previous trip, a Double Dog of Max and Ernie, and Shree's portrait of Yuki, an Enlightened black and tan Shiba Inu.    Displayed alongside Shree's original art, for all the world to see.

Molly is up top with a rainbow background and Yuki's Westie friend Maggie is painted looking off from her perch over the Hudson.

Next we have the handsome Schnoodle Ernie painted in the mountains of Nepal.   And a reprise of a painting of the always popular Barred Rock hen Sirius Black.   When I came by earlier to drop off Nepali neighbors were snickering at the Dharma Chicken translation.

Next it was on to see Jit Gurung.   As always his portraits of the dogs were fabulous, but he mispelled the Tailwaggers Dog!   Tailwaggers is a store in Los Angeles (on Bronson) featuring natural pet products, and I will have the Tailwaffers changed to Tailwaggers!  Above is Jit with Logan the german shepherd, a Tailwaggers mascot.

As always, Jit forgot to sign his art.  On top is Danger Dog Zach.

Here is the final trilogy of the three Tailwaggers Dogs - Buddy, Dexter and Logan by Jit Gurung.

This is Leila, a beautiful dog from the Pacific Palisades by Jit Gurung.   Again Jit substitutes the G for an F, making Leila an Enlifhtened Dog.

Surprisingly, one of my more stable artists, Santosh, was not finished even though I gave him 2 weeks to complete the 6 Danger Dog portraits and I returned after 3 and a half weeks.   Maybe it has something to do with the Kurt Kobain t-shirt?   Is he trying to tell me something?  Here he is with his wife and a not-quite-dry portrait of the lovely Lhasa Apso mix Max.

I knew something was up when I saw 4 Danger Dog portraits drying in the sun outside his shop.   Left to right we have BatBoy with a yellow background, Maggie the White Westie, Ernie the Schnoodle and the first Awesome Dog Ozzie as works in progress.    The Digital Store signboard at top is made of flex plastic and is less than a year old.   Faded and damaged by holes, these 'new and improved' signs are  the traditional hand-painted colorful signboards on metal's replacements.

It is still not too late to order a signboard for this trip.   But time is running out.   Send me a photo of your pet and I will give that photo to 3 Nepali signboard artists - giving you 3 choices and 3 struggling artists work.  I pay fair trade wages and there is no risk to you as I take no money up front.   Satisfaction guaranteed - no bad karma here.

Send your photos to me at ampage1@gmail.com or go to NepalDog.com for more information.

They make the perfect gift for the pet lovers in your life.





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