Signboard Studio Art in Pokhara
Pokhara Danger Dogs!

Why I love Nepal -- Mustang!

Mustang in the off-season is simply wonderful.

While some feel the mountains are obscured by the clouds, I just enjoy the clouds!

This is the windy village of Keg Beni.   It is always a pleasure to see it again.  The Annapurna Circuit in the off season is lovely.

This year has been a good one for animal husbandry in Keg Beni.   This young cow greeted us at the Safe Water Drinking stand.


Sometimes a mountain peeks out from the clouds.101_1001
These curious goats were at about 4200 meters (a 1500 meter or 4500 foot climb) for us.   The goats were better at it than we were.  

This was our reward for that hike -- a magnificent view of upper Mustang.  

Niligiri as seen from Keg Beni.   Now this was worth waiting for.

Now I am off to pick up some Danger Dogs.   Be sure to tune in tomorrow to see the works of Shree, Jit and Santosh.

There is still time to commission a portrait of your pet.   Each submision will get a choice of 3 portraits by 3 different struggling signboard artists.   The signboards are approximately one square foot, synthetic enamel on metal, and can be hung indoors or out.   You get a choice of 3 portraits, 3 people get work and museum shops and art galleries get folk art from Nepal.

A quick letter to me at will answer all questions.   Satisfaction is guaranteed as I take no money up front, and all artists are paid fair trade wages whether you choose their piece or not.

These portraits make the perfect gift.   More tommorow.



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Jay Parkhe

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Krystina Price

Hi Michelle!

Your site looks so good. Keep up the good work! I can see you are enjoying your time in Napal, but miss seeing your face back home. Looking forward to lunch at my place when you return. When will that be?

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