Labor Day in Nepal

Danger: Enlightened Poodles from Nepal

I met a couple of handsome poodles the other day, inspiring me to update my available poodle page.

Alpha and Rudy were hard to miss.   They are just about to take off after a little dog and took the very heavy umbrella with them.

G.G. the black standard poodle by Sabala has a wonderful soft yellow into green glowing background.    With her almost correct Nepali script she is 'Enligtened'. 

Govinda Kalikote has painted G.G. from the same photo.   Govinda put in her pretty pink lei.

Above the lovely Madeline frolicks in the show like the Happy Poodle she is.   This portrait is by Nara.

This portrait by Shree Llamchhaine of Pokara has Sophie the white standard poodle in a sea of green and blue.   Her beautiful collar is rendered in some detail and as always, Shree underlines his signature with a paint brush.

Here is a portrait of Collette, a very lucky black standard poodle.   She is black but gets a reddish tone in her hair during certain seasons.    Sabala has accentuated this coloring and added a green/blue tint to her back as well.  

That's G.G. again in the lower left image -- just under the two dachshunds and to the right of the diabolical chihuahua.   This is from Hari Timsina's studio in Kathmandu.   G.G. gets to hang with birds and cats and even a Bat Dog!

These are but a few examples of poodles.   Please contact me at ampage1(at) if you would like to see more.   You can request any breed and I'll see if I have one.    All the ones on this post are available at this time.   Or browse

You can also commission a custom portrait of YOUR pet from one of these endangered signboard artists from Nepal.  Each sign is approximately 1 square foot, synthetic enamel on (often recycled) metal and can be hung indoors or out.  

Satisfaction is guaranteed as I accept no money up front.   You send a photo of your pet and I will give it to 3 different Nepali artists, giving you 3 choices and generating work for 3 artists.  

These make the perfect gift and I will be returning to Nepal soon, coming back the first week of December with your 3 choices.   You can choose what you would like the sign to say, what style of art you prefer - be it realist or naive or anything in between.  

Of course these artists will paint horses, cats, ferrets, roosters, lizards - anything you like.

Micro-finance through Art Patronage.


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