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Lassie - a Danger D.O.G.?

Here is a beautiful Collie by Hari Prasad.   A while back I posted a story about Salene Weatherwax, aka Lassie's Sister, and a rescue dog named Elwood that she trained.   That got me thinking about Collies.

Saachin painted this Collie on my first Danger Dog trip back in 2007.   He has sinced moved to the US, but I have no idea where to find him.   This lovely Beware of Dog sign is typically Nepali.

Again by Hari Prasad, this version of the Collie is kinder and gentler, with delicate brush strokes.

Here is the live Deeohgee (D.O.G.) from which the two portraits by Hari Prasad were painted. 

The dogs that hang at Bergamot Station are a lively and lovely lot.   I miss seeing the very well behaved D.O.G.

Nepal Art Dogs is a Fair Trade Art project that promotes the endangered signboard artists of Nepal.   With over 1500 pieces commissioned in 3 years, the Danger Dogs have made a difference in the lives of many artists.   I decided to concentrate on pets as there was a  tradition Nepal already of 'Beware of Dog' signs and I knew that people would like them.   These are truly fine artists whose livelihood is disappearing at an alarming rate.

On my most recent trips to Nepal, the Danger Dog commissions were the only art these artists were still hand painting -- all their other work was done from a mass-produced image, often printed on plastic flex.  

You can help by ordering a custom portrait of your pet.   Each signboard is approximately one  square foot, synthetic enamel on metal.   Each commission will be given to at least 3 signboard artists -- giving 3 people work, you a choice of 3 signs and museum shops Nepali folk art.  

No money accepted up front.   If you don't like any of your paintings, you pay nothing.   All artists are paid fair trade wages.

For pet lovers who collect art and would like to make a difference.

Micro-finance through art patronage.   

For cats, horses, ferrets, birds, hamsters, etc, please go to for more examples.


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