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October 2010

Countdown to Kathmandu!

It is almost time to leave for the 8th Danger Dog adventure to the wilds of Kathmandu.

Back to visiting signboard artist studios across the city, picking up marvelous pieces of art...

Seeing my artists and their families...

Walking the backstreets and alleyways in search of more Beware of the Dog signs on the gates...

Enjoying beautiful breakfasts like this fruit salad smothered in creamy yogurt, fresh honey and sprinkled with pomegranite seeds...

Garden Bo, jne 2008 064
Visiting with friends in their gardens, complete with a true Nepali Jungle Cat!

This year, I will be there in time for the Festival of Tihar.   Also known as the Festival of Lights or Diwali, this 5-day celebration includes my favorite holiday, the Day of the Dog, which this year falls on November 4, 2010.    The decorated and feted dogs with their garlands and red tikas on their foreheads  line the street!

Stay tuned for new photos 'Live from Kathmandu' next week. 

Click here for how to order your custom Nepal Dog Art.     Email me at for any questions or comments.  You can also find out more at

Each commission is given to 3 artists, generating work for 3 people and giving you a choice of 3 portraits of your pet - each about one foot square, synthetic enamel on recycled metal, suitable to hang indoors or out.  

Your satisfaction is guaranteed as I collect no money up front.  If you do not like any of the 3 portraits of your pet, you pay nothing.   The endangered signboard artists are paid fair trade wages in any case.

Christmas is coming soon!   Don't delay your order.

Give someone you love a portrait of someone they love!

For pet lovers who collect art who want to make a difference.

Nepal Dogs to the Boxer Rescue!

This is the fourth year now that the Boxer Rescue Los Angeles is hosting a Woof and Wine celebration which helps one of the best breeds on the planet -- Boxers!

Siggy, a Boxer painted by Dilip Niroj, is my best boxer friend.   Siggy's owner, who commutes from San Diego to Ensenada, found a way-too-young, healthy, handsome boxer puppy with a docked tail and no identification or explanation on the doorstep of his house in El Sauzal, Mexico.   The vet said that he was approximately 6 weeks old (hence born on the Cinco de Mayo).   He is now well-loved with the family support every boxer deserves.

Siggy's story had a happy ending, but that is not always the case.  

Siggy's protrait above will be part of a silent auction benefiting Boxer Rescue Los Angeles.   More information here.   Tonight at the Custom Hotel from 7-10 pm

I love it when rescued dogs help other rescued dogs.   And Siggy helped a struggling Nepali signboard artist along the way by having this Fair Trade signboard made in the first place!  

The reason that it says Dog Bar is that it was commissioned to be hung over a dog bowl outside the popular eatery Flake Restaurant in Venice, California.  

Here is Siggy as painted by Sabala.

Here is Siggy again painted by Sabala. 

Lastly, this is Siggy by Vinosh.  

Here is a Nepali signboard on a gate that features Boxers! 

These talented artists in Nepal also need help.   These hand-painted signboards are disappearing due to digital technology.   I believe that this art form is worth preserving.   These artists can and do paint anything, the only limit is your imagination.

I am leaving for Nepal in a week, and each commission I receive will be given to 3 different Nepalese signboard artists, giving 3 struggling artists Fair Trade work and you a choice of 3 colorful paintings on metal!  

Your satisfaction is guaranteed as I accept no money up front, only if you like one of the portraits do you pay.   The artists are paid fair trade wages whether you buy or not.

How to Order: 

1. Send a photo of your pet to me at

2.  Let me know what you would like the signboard to say.

3. Tell me which style of Danger Dog art you prefer, by giving me examples of signs you have liked on the website or just say whether you like realistic, naive, cartoonish or fanciful. 

4. Follow the Danger Dog Blog and see the works in progress, trips to the studios, the life and arts of Nepal.

5.  Decide which painting you prefer of the 3 and send me a check and I will mail you your very own personal Danger Dog (or Cat)!  

More tomorrow!




Danger Dogs on Display

Daddy, an Art Dog who guards the Frank Pictures Gallery in Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, is a Catahoula Leopard Dog.   Painted by Sabala, his signboard warns visitor dogs that this is his turf.  

Here's a close up of Daddy upstaging the artist (and actor) Billy Zane, whose stunning show just closed last week at Laurie's gallery.   Now Daddy's picture is upstaging Stefanie Schneider's "Instant Dreams" opening Saturday.

Chloe the Poodle for Peace by Sabala and Shree adorns the bookshelf of Chloe's lucky owners.  

Here is Sophie times 3.   This lovely white standard poodle certainly has pride of place.   By Asha, Sagar and Karma (from top to bottom).

This is Star (top) by Punam, and FloJo by Sabala (below).   Two better-looking Italian Greyhounds would be hard to find.  

Annie and Pitzel warn intruders!   Paintings by Sabala and Vinosh (top to bottom).   They are a Pomeranian and a Papillion.

Waterfall House Dog
This Enlightened Dog (Floy by Amar) keeps watch over the Waterfall House near Woodstock, New York.  Floy enjoys perhaps the only vacation rental in America with its very own waterfall (Niobe Falls).   Go to for more information.   It is a wonderful place to enjoy the Catskills.

There are many ways and places to display the Danger Dogs.  

How to order:

Now is the time to order YOUR Danger Dogs.  (Or cats, horses, etc. as the case may be.)   These make wonderful and unique presents.   Give someone you love a portrait of someone they love this Christmas.

Each commission will be given to 3 different struggling Nepalese signboard artists.   You get a choice of 3 paintings and 3 people get work!   Your satisfaction is guaranteed as you pay nothing up front.   If you don't like any of your choices, you pay nothing.   The artists are paid fair trade wages in all cases.   I sell the others on line, in museum shops and retail stores.   Everybody wins.

These are perfect for pet lovers who collect art who want to make a difference!   Micro-finance through art patronage.

This gives people work rather than a hand-out and keeps these artists hand-painting signs when most of their work is now computer-generated.    The Danger Dog project has commissioned over 1500 signboards to date and has made a significant difference in these artists' lives.

Any questions, please contact me at  

I will be leaving for Kathmandu soon, and will return in early December in plenty of time to deliver for the holidays.  

These portraits are approximately one foot square, synthetic enamel on metal.   They can be hung indoors or out. 



Duke the Weimaraner by Sagar.  Duke looks like he is bursting through the brick wall to warn bad guys away from his yard.   Tough guy!  Available through me at

Hari Timsina painted this portrait of Duke in November 2009.   Hari features the lighter more hypnotic side of Duke the Weimaraner.   This painting is on exhibit at the Terrence Rogers Gallery in Santa Monica.   Contact to purchase.

Also by Hari Timsina, this portrait of Duke can be found at Prudence Designs, at 228 W. 18th St NY NY, in Manhattan, right next to Barney's.   Their website is at

Duke again, this time by Baijanath.   Baijanath promised me something different.  This is certainly that!   Still available.   Contact me at

This weimaraner was painted using a photograph of William Wegman's X-ray dog.    By Sabala.   Available at  

Jasper the Weimaraner lived next door in the 90's.   An extremely pampered pet, here he is painted by Arjun Karki.

Jasper again, here as painted on his magic carpet by Shree Laimechhaine.   I don't think Jasper was particularly 'Dangers'.   Both Jaspers are available by contacting me at  

Each of these hand-painted signs are approximately one square foot, using synthethic enamel paint on recycled metal, they can be hung indoors or out. You choose what you would like them to say.

You can immortalize your pet on metal with a soulful portrait from Nepal.   These talented signboard artists are seeing their livelihoods disappear as digital imagery replaces the lovely traditional artwork on metal.  

Send me a photo of your pet and I will give it to 3 signboard artists, giving you a choice of 3 portraits.  3 people get work, you get 3 choices, museum shops get folk art!

You send no money up front.   If you do not like your pet's portrait, you pay nothing.   All 3 artists are paid fair trade wages whether you choose their work or not.  Pay only if you are satisfied.

I have commisioned over 1500 pieces to date, making a real difference to these artists.  

I will return from Nepal in early December with new works in plenty of time to deliver for the holidays.  

Order your Danger Dog (or Cat or Turtle, Chicken or Hamster) today!   Give someone you love a portrait of someone they love.  

Write with questions or comments to ampage1 (at) or go to the website.

It is easy to order and I am leaving for Nepal soon.   Send me that photo of your pet.   You will be glad you did!

Micro-Finance through Art Patronage


Horse Evacuation Fundraiser this Saturday in Santa Barbara

The Santa Barbara Equine Evacuation Assistance and Evacuation Team, which works with the Santa Barbara  Fire Department evacuating horses and other animals in the event of fires or other disasters is hosting a fundraiser on October 16th.   

This event will include a silent auction, and the Danger Dogs has contributed this white horse grazing in the field by Sanjib Rana.   Please consider heading up to Santa Barbara this Saturday and attending this fundraiser.   There have been too many devastating fires in Central California in recent years, and we cannot forget our 4-legged friends who panic during these disasters.  

Come to the Santa Barbara Carriage and Western Art Museum and bid on this sign and other things in their silent auction.


Above is another lovely horse painted by Sanjib Rana.  Available        

Sanjib has his own collection of photos from which he painted these horses.   Available.

This dramatic white horse is also by Sanjib.   Available.

Here is a portrait of French Quarter by Amar Shrestha.   This is also available.

To buy one of these hand-painted horses from Nepal, please contact me at   Go to for more information on this Fair Trade art project that aims to save the endangered signboard artists of Nepal.

For more information and complete details on this weekend's event:

Host: Santa Barbara Equine Evac
Location:        Santa Barbara Carriage and Western Art Museum
129 Castillo St.
Santa Barbara, CA
When: Saturday, October 16, 11:00am - 4:00PM    

Amy Moore at 805.570-9966 or check our Facebook page