Nepal Dogs to the Boxer Rescue!
Live from Kathmandu! Fabulous Art!

Countdown to Kathmandu!

It is almost time to leave for the 8th Danger Dog adventure to the wilds of Kathmandu.

Back to visiting signboard artist studios across the city, picking up marvelous pieces of art...

Seeing my artists and their families...

Walking the backstreets and alleyways in search of more Beware of the Dog signs on the gates...

Enjoying beautiful breakfasts like this fruit salad smothered in creamy yogurt, fresh honey and sprinkled with pomegranite seeds...

Garden Bo, jne 2008 064
Visiting with friends in their gardens, complete with a true Nepali Jungle Cat!

This year, I will be there in time for the Festival of Tihar.   Also known as the Festival of Lights or Diwali, this 5-day celebration includes my favorite holiday, the Day of the Dog, which this year falls on November 4, 2010.    The decorated and feted dogs with their garlands and red tikas on their foreheads  line the street!

Stay tuned for new photos 'Live from Kathmandu' next week. 

Click here for how to order your custom Nepal Dog Art.     Email me at for any questions or comments.  You can also find out more at

Each commission is given to 3 artists, generating work for 3 people and giving you a choice of 3 portraits of your pet - each about one foot square, synthetic enamel on recycled metal, suitable to hang indoors or out.  

Your satisfaction is guaranteed as I collect no money up front.  If you do not like any of the 3 portraits of your pet, you pay nothing.   The endangered signboard artists are paid fair trade wages in any case.

Christmas is coming soon!   Don't delay your order.

Give someone you love a portrait of someone they love!

For pet lovers who collect art who want to make a difference.


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