German Dogs! 20 years after German Reunification!
Australian Danger Dogs from Down Under!

Ferreted Out! Danger Ferrets from Nepal

While none of the Nepali artists have ever seen a ferret, they did an admirable job on this cute fellow.  This 'Firret' is by Sagar of Kathmandu.

This ferocious ferret is painted by Sabala.

Amar Shrestha weighs in with his romanticised version of the ferret.  

They have bandicoots in Nepal, but no ferrets!  

I was very surprised to find this little fellow.   He is a Nepali pet rat!   He even has a gold earring.  Sabala obviously went with the more politically correct 'white mouse' moniker, but he does not fool me.

Hari Prasad did not mince words.   Hence the 'white rat'.   I wonder if there are other rats in Nepal that wear earrings?

This Zen Hamster by Sabala was taken from a photo of a hamster on a wheel.   That explains this hamster's odd position.

All of the above are available at this time.

You can order your pet to be painted by 3 struggling Nepali signboard artists.   Mice, rats, hamsters, birds, chickens, tortoises, cats, horses, bunnies, parrots, even children... they have all been painted by the Danger Dog artists.   The only limit is your imagination.    Anyone have a pet iguana?

Each commission generates 3 portraits by 3 different artists.   Your satisfaction is guaranteed as you pay nothing up front, pay only after you have chosen your hand-painted sign.  You support a dying art in Nepal, and the artists are paid Fair Trade wages.  

Micro-finance through art patronage.

I will be leaving soon for Nepal, back in early December in time to deliver holiday orders.   Order your favorite pet today!

Contact me at for more information or go to my website at

All signs are approximately one foot square, synthetic enamel on metal.  Good indoors or out.


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