Tibetan Beware of Dog signs!
Horse Evacuation Fundraiser this Saturday in Santa Barbara

Racy Danger Dogs by Sagar.

Sagar is an older man, but he has a young man's sense of humor.   Or maybe not.   You decide.

Sagar was obviously quite taken with the pretty girl that held Queenie the Pug in her lap.   One of my all-time favorite Danger Dogs, I learned with this photo to always give Sagar photos of pets with pretty girls.   Sorry, not available.

Look closely!   This blue-eyed sweetheart of a Corgi and her lovely owner must have impressed Sagar greatly.    I think I might go back and check the backgrounds of Sagar's works a little more carefully.   Reign is the name of this Corgi and you can buy her portrait at the Santa Monica Museum of Art at Bergamot Station.  

There was no beauty with Layla the white shepherd but Sagar chose to give her an exotic background.   Maybe it is the sly look in Layla's eye.   Available.

This little puppy is happily ensconced on the lap of this lady.   He looks a little bit shifty eyed for a puppy.   Also available.


If you would like to look for hidden images in Sagar's work, go the Nepal Dog YouTube Channel here.

or here:   http://www.youtube.com/user/NepalDog?feature=mhum#p/a/u/0/kx6ZXdnAUy8

Most of the signboards featured in the slideshow are available (some have sold) and there is great Nepali soundtrack beneath. 

Or you can order your own pet's portrait by Sagar and two other Nepali signboard artists.   I am off to Nepal in less then 3 weeks and am accepting commissions.   Please send me a photo of your pet and I will give it to 3 struggling Nepali artists who will hand paint your pet on metal.

Here is How to Order:   Your satisfaction is guaranteed as I accept no money up front.  

MicroFinance through Art Patronage.    Always Fair Trade.


Contact me at ampage1@gmail.com to order.  Or go to NepalDog.com for more examples.



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