Australian Danger Dogs from Down Under!
Racy Danger Dogs by Sagar.

Tibetan Beware of Dog signs!

Today I am featuring Danger Dogs that have Tibetan script in addition to English.


Tibetan Beware of Dog sign
Hand painted folk art beware of dog sign in English and Tibetan Script

This is a portrait of a dog by Khardar Gurung from Lamjung in the mountains of Nepal.   Khardar works in Jomsom, along the Annapurna Circuit, and does a lovely Tibetan script.   Since I was trekking at the time I had this made, I had no photos of dogs with me.   This dog is from the artist's imagination.   Available.   More from Khardar.


Folk art German Shepherd ala Disney
Brown the German Shepherd by Punam

Here we have Punam's cartoonlike portrait of Brown, a shepherd.    The Tibetan in this painting reads red/green in Tibetan, which is the translation I was given for the color brown by monks at the Shechen Monastery.   Doing research is fun when you have a Danger Dog project!   More from Punam.

Folk art Jack Russell Terrier hand painted on metal in Tibetan Script
Chloe the Jack Russell Terrier in English and Tibetan

This is Chloe, a Jack Russell Terrier as painted by Jit Gurung of Pokhara.   Available.   More by Jit Gurung.

Keep in mind that these are Nepali artists who are painting these signs.   They are not fluent in Tibetan and I had to supply the writing for them to copy.  


Folk art Lhasa Apso hand painted on metal by a sign painter from Kathmandu
Indra Lama painted Palden, a Lhasa Apso who lives in Kathmandu

If you'd like to see Palden and other beautiful Tibetan breeds available on my website, please visit the Lhasa Apso/Tibetan Dog page on   And if you would like to see what else is available from Indra Lama, please click here.

You can immortalize your dog on metal with a soulful portrait from Nepal.   These talented signboard artists are seeing their livelihoods disappear as digital imagery replaces the lovely traditional artwork on metal.  

Send me a photo of your pet and I will give it to 3 signboard artists, giving you a choice of 3 portraits.  3 people get work, you get 3 choices, museum shops get folk art!

You send no money up front.   If you do not like your pet's portrait, you pay nothing.   All 3 artists are paid fair trade wages whether you choose their work or not.  Pay only if you are satisfied.

Each sign is synthetic enamel on metal, approximately 1 foot square.   You choose what you would like them to say.   They can be hung indoors or out.

I have commisioned over 2500 pieces to date, making a real difference to these artists.  

I will return from Nepal soon with new works in plenty of time to deliver for the holidays.  

Order your Danger Dog (or Cat or Turtle) today!   Give someone you love a portrait of someone they love.  

Write with questions or comments to ampage1 (at) or go to the website.

It is easy to order and I am leaving for Nepal soon.   Send me that photo of your pet.   You will be glad you did!



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