Horse Evacuation Fundraiser this Saturday in Santa Barbara
Danger Dogs on Display


Duke the Weimaraner by Sagar.  Duke looks like he is bursting through the brick wall to warn bad guys away from his yard.   Tough guy!  Available through me at

Hari Timsina painted this portrait of Duke in November 2009.   Hari features the lighter more hypnotic side of Duke the Weimaraner.   This painting is on exhibit at the Terrence Rogers Gallery in Santa Monica.   Contact to purchase.

Also by Hari Timsina, this portrait of Duke can be found at Prudence Designs, at 228 W. 18th St NY NY, in Manhattan, right next to Barney's.   Their website is at

Duke again, this time by Baijanath.   Baijanath promised me something different.  This is certainly that!   Still available.   Contact me at

This weimaraner was painted using a photograph of William Wegman's X-ray dog.    By Sabala.   Available at  

Jasper the Weimaraner lived next door in the 90's.   An extremely pampered pet, here he is painted by Arjun Karki.

Jasper again, here as painted on his magic carpet by Shree Laimechhaine.   I don't think Jasper was particularly 'Dangers'.   Both Jaspers are available by contacting me at  

Each of these hand-painted signs are approximately one square foot, using synthethic enamel paint on recycled metal, they can be hung indoors or out. You choose what you would like them to say.

You can immortalize your pet on metal with a soulful portrait from Nepal.   These talented signboard artists are seeing their livelihoods disappear as digital imagery replaces the lovely traditional artwork on metal.  

Send me a photo of your pet and I will give it to 3 signboard artists, giving you a choice of 3 portraits.  3 people get work, you get 3 choices, museum shops get folk art!

You send no money up front.   If you do not like your pet's portrait, you pay nothing.   All 3 artists are paid fair trade wages whether you choose their work or not.  Pay only if you are satisfied.

I have commisioned over 1500 pieces to date, making a real difference to these artists.  

I will return from Nepal in early December with new works in plenty of time to deliver for the holidays.  

Order your Danger Dog (or Cat or Turtle, Chicken or Hamster) today!   Give someone you love a portrait of someone they love.  

Write with questions or comments to ampage1 (at) or go to the website.

It is easy to order and I am leaving for Nepal soon.   Send me that photo of your pet.   You will be glad you did!

Micro-Finance through Art Patronage



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Great post. I really love reading articles like this. This must be very interesting to read. Warning dog signs are very helpful to all passers by. This may protect not only the life of our pet but also the many lives of our loved ones.

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All the work I've seen here is remarkable, and this series is some of the best. The soulfulness of the Weimaraner really brings out the best in the artist's styles. The starkness of Baijanath's piece, particularly the yellow of the eyes, is just hypnotic, as is Sabala's brown-on-black piece. Thank you for making this project happen, and for sharing the results on the Web.
- - - - - - - - - - -


Thanks, Jack. There has never been a more gratifying project. The artists are happy, my clients love their portraits, museum shops get cool folk art, and I get to go to Nepal and help promote a dying art!

Tax accountant

Duke looks pretty fierce!


Thanks, Mr. Tax Accoutant, but Duke is a sweetheart. But Sagar often paints the dogs as thugs. The versions of Duke by Shree are more representative of the dog. Another reason to get these painted by three artists. Course, I like them all.

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They look adorable. Love them x

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These are brilliant. Stunning in fact!

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Awesome pieces of art. I wish I had a few of them hanging in at my house!

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sweet dog


Thanks! I wish you did, too. But it is not impossible. Also, they work very well at deterring burglars.

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These are superb!


I love this dog!

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Dog Bless!

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Thanks, Asbestos!

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