First Works in Progress and local dogs!
Live from Kathmandu! Signboard art.

Live from Kathmandu! Works in progress!

Megh Raj stands outside his studio with his backgrounds finished for Coco the Cat.  

Here is Coco even farther along.   Can't wait to see the final product!

This trip seems to be devoted to Rhodesian Ridgebacks or, as I like to call them, Zimbabwe Zipperbacks.   Above is the lovely Esme by Megh Raj.  It's hard to call this Folk Art.  

Zeke, a Short-hair Pointer/Pit mix smiles with his big blue eyes.   Also by Megh Raj.

This is actually the second take on this Labradoodle named Aussie.   You can see the original that his owner bought proudly displayed on the website.   He is a handsome dog here painted by Megh Raj.

ShuShu the Hussy and her German Shepherd pal get the finishing touches by Amar Shrestha.   Amar is back to his old tricks with his amazing color palette and brushstrokes.   You can tell he really likes animals.

Here Sid and Rocky the 3-legged cat relax and wait for their finishing lettering. 

Corky is a serene Chocolate Lab painted by Megh Raj.  

This is an exciting work in progress that I can't wait to see unfold.   Look closely and you will see a Great Dane and his partner.   Also by Megh Raj.

Here is Bert, an adorable Australian Blue Heeler puppy as a work in progress by Megh Raj.

Again, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, this one named Neo.   He is a true beauty and I look forward to the end result.

Thanks to the website for the link!   This is an interesting travel site that features sites such as the Danger Dog Blog.   Check it out!

Now is the time to order:    Each commission I receive will be given to 3 different Nepalese signboard artists, giving 3 struggling artists Fair Trade work and you a choice of 3 colorful paintings on metal!  

Your satisfaction is guaranteed as I accept no money up front, only if you like one of the portraits do you pay.   The artists are paid fair trade wages whether you buy or not.

How to Order: 

1. Send a photo of your pet to me at

2.  Let me know what you would like the signboard to say.

3. Tell me which style of Danger Dog art you prefer, by giving me examples of signs you have liked on the website or just say whether you like realistic, naive, cartoonish or fanciful. 

4. Follow the Danger Dog Blog and see the works in progress, trips to the studios, the life and arts of Nepal.

5.  Decide which painting you prefer of the 3 and send me a check and I will mail you your very own personal Danger Dog (or Cat)!  

More information and examples of the Nepal Art Dog project can be found at




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