Live from Kathmandu! Final Cats!
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Live from Kathmandu: The final post from Nepal

Solomon, or Solly is a wise old dog.   His portrait above is painted by Megh Raj, Ram Krishna and Amar Shrestha (clockwise from top left).   I'll bet he is not a Knucklehead!

This is Palden, a very handsome Lhasa Apso who lives in Nepal.   One of his tricks is to stand on his hind legs and furiously wave his front paws and give a Namaste.   These three portraits are by Megh Raj, ShaShi and Indra (clockwise from top left).   The portrait by Megh Raj is unavailable, but the second two are still available.   Anyone need a Lhasa Apso portrait for a Christmas gift?

Here is the world's first Danger Pig!   Miss Piggy, a Nepali pig, was rescued by an animal right's organization here and has been immortalized by Amar Shrestha, Sagar and Megh Raj (clockwise from top left).   The portrait by Sagar is still available if anyone has a porcine present in mind.

Dilip showed me a tiny black and white newspaper clipping of this attack Jack Russell, and asked if I wanted him to paint it.   Of course, I said yes, and this is the result.   The bunny is Mungo the rabbit painted by Hari Timesina.   I love Hari's work, and I have a lot of collectors who agree, but hardly anyone who orders a portrait will choose his art, as it is quite different.   Hence, I give him old photos of previous commissions, just to keep him busy and also because I am curious just how he will handle a photo.

On a more lighthearted note, these two puppies were born of a street dog here at the Boudhha Stupa.   They were two of six puppies who have now all been dispersed to happy homes.   My guess is that the mother has found a permanent home as well at the Saturday Cafe.  

Anyone looking for the perfect holiday gift for a pet lover who collects art and would like to make a difference, look no further!

I have many, many charming Danger Dog (Cats, Horses, Birds - and now a Pig!) for sale.    You can always send me a photo of your pet, and I will let you know if I have anything similar to your pet. 

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