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New at the Santa Monica Museum of Art

If you want to get your Holiday shopping done and support the Danger Dog Art Project and a cool museum...

Lula the Burmese Cat lives in London.   Lula is a tom cat, surprisingly (with a name like Lula), as well as a Zen Kitty.   Here he plays with his owners feet (clad in blue socks).   This portrait of Lula by Sufraj Khadka is available at the Santa Monica Museum of Art gift shop here in Santa Monica.   Please go to to purchase this cat!  They are open extended hours during the holiday season and will ship to you.

Neo, the Rhodesian Ridgeback, painted by Sabala, is also available at Gracie, the museum's shop.

Palden, the Nepali Lhasa Apso, by my newest artist, Indra Lama is also available.  

This attack Jack Russell was from Dilip Niroj's own files.   Painted from a black and white newspaper clipping, I think Dilip did a good job with this.   As a practical sign, I sure would think twice before coming into any house with this signboard out front!    Though it is definitely beautiful.   That Jack Russell has a good dentist!

Hutch the Jindo mix by Megh Raj was also chosen.   This is very delicately painted with fine attention to detail around the snout and collar.   Hutch is a handsome dog.

Ernie the white Schnoodle by Shree Laimechhaine.   The Nepali lettering reads 'Danger Dog' or 'khatara kukor'.

Aussie is a big white Labradoodle, painted by Sagar.  

Bindi the Doberman Pinscher by Sufraj Khadka is a true Danger Dog.  

These and many other Danger Dogs and Zen Cats are available.   For more information on the Fair Trade Danger Dog Art Project, please go to

If you are looking for a particular type of pet, ask!   You would be amazed at the variety of pets that have participated in this project.   I have commissioned over 1700 pieces to date and may have a doppelganger of YOUR pet.   Write me at

Thee paintings are all approximately one foot square, are on recycled metal and help to support the art of hand-painting which is fast disappearing in Nepal.

The Danger Dogs make perfect holiday presents for the pet lover who collects art and wants to make a difference in these artists' lives.  

Micro-finance through art patronage.


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